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5 Brilliant Ways to Brand your Recruitment Campaigns

Written by Holly Watson | June 24, 2015 | 0 Comments
Recruitment advertisingAre you finding it hard to attract candidates to work for your business? Do you have an amazing brand that you’re struggling to convey in your recruitment campaigns?
If so, it might be time to take a look at your branded recruitment advertising strategy.
Branding is a fantastic way of attracting applicants to your vacancy. By putting your company’s stamp on your recruitment campaigns, you’re able to communicate the features that set your business apart from its competitors.
84% of candidates would consider leaving their current job if offered another role with a company that has an excellent corporate reputation, according to 50 HR and Recruitment Stats That Make You Think from Glassdoor.
This suggests that your reputation plays a vital role in your mission to attract the best possible talent and, if you have a great brand, candidates are more likely to want to work for you.
So, how can you be sure that your brand stands out during the application process? Webrecruit explores the best ways of branding your recruitment advertising campaigns at each stage of the candidate journey.

1. Your recruitment advertsRecruitment advertising

Let’s start at the very beginning, right at the heart of your recruitment advertising strategy: your job adverts.
It’s easy to rush the creation of your online job advert and put together something that’s copied and pasted directly from the job spec. However, recruitment adverts are the ideal place in which to communicate your brand values, identity and culture and, therefore, you should take the time to carefully craft them.
As your job advert may be the first impression the candidate has of your company, it’s important to ensure that it reflects you as a business.
Are you a fun, laid back organisation? Use the language of your company; don’t be afraid to use colloquial terms and talk about your office environment, employees, ethos and benefits.
Or perhaps you have a more corporate culture. If so, make sure that you highlight your achievements, your company’s vision and the career paths that you offer.
76% of candidates want details about what makes a company an attractive place to work when applying for a role, according to 50 HR and Recruitment Stats That Make You Think from Glassdoor.
This shows that you shouldn’t be afraid to shout about your success – this is exactly the kind of information that will attract candidates to your business.

Recruitment advertising2. Integrate your recruitment activities within social media

You’ve got a fantastic job advert prepared but how can you let people know that you’re hiring?
We all know about the importance of advertising on job boards, aggregators and LinkedIn but don’t forget about social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.
Your social media accounts are the perfect platform to promote your vacancies and showcase how great your brand is.
Although you might not recruit for a high volume of employees, a strong social media presence will ensure that when you do decide to hire, you can inform your followers of your brand and what your business stands for. And, what better people to come and work for you?

3. Landing page

It’s important to keep your branding consistent throughout the entire candidate journey. A branded landing page can really help you to achieve this.
When candidates click the ‘apply’ button, rather than being directly re-routed through an unfamiliar system, a branded landing page will ensure that your logo and company colours are present.
This will allow candidates to feel secure that they are applying for your role and aren’t being routed through a completely separate, potentially unsecure website.
Interested in setting up a branded landing page for your applications? Webrecruit’s Fusion software will allow you to create a customisable page to match your brand colours. Find out more.

4. Application form

Candidates are interested in applying for your role and have reached your application form – great news. However, it’s still important to keep your brand identity in mind.
When compiling your application form, ensure that all questions adhere to your branding. For instance, if you’re a fun and quirky organisation looking for a creative candidate, don’t ask applicants to go into detail about their GCSE grades and write an essay on their work history, especially if this is already present on their CV.
Try not to overload your application form with questions; keep things as simple and painless as possible for applicants. After all, a poor candidate experience can reflect badly on your brand.

5. Email communicationsRecruitment advertising

So, your vacancy has received dozens of applications and candidates are aware of how brilliant you are. But what can you do from there?
When communicating with candidates via email, make sure that you use your company’s colours and logo. This will allow candidates to instantly recognise your brand.
Again, try to use language that’s consistent with your business. Keep it professional at all times but if you’re a laid back organisation, reflect this through using more relaxed language. If you’re a corporate business, keep it formal.
It’s also a great idea to include a link to your company’s ‘work for us’ page (if you have one) on your website so candidates can familiarise themselves with your culture and values, if they haven’t already.
Interested in learning more about Webrecruit’s recruitment advertising solutions? Find out more.

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