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5 mistakes to avoid when you next recruit

Written by Guest Author | September 26, 2014 | 2 Comments
Checklist-in-orange-BSThere could barely be a more important task for your company than hiring the right staff – so why do so many HR managers do it in such a sloppy manner? Here are some of the errors that we see most often as a leading recruitment company in Manchester.

1. Too fixed an idea of the perfect candidate

Let’s imagine that you are looking for a dynamite salesman. Do you have a pre-set image in your head of a young white male, and hire accordingly? If so, you’re skirting a fine line with regard to age, sex or racial discrimination laws, but even more importantly, you could miss out on the best candidate.

2. An insufficiently clear job description

It’s difficult enough to pick out the perfect candidate from a stack of CVs, without also having vague expectations of what you actually need in an employee. That’s why, from the very start, you should list the position’s essential duties and requirements. Get your boss and/or colleagues to review the job description with you before the advert is placed.

3. Choosing someone who “fits in”

It might be understandable to some extent to choose someone who fits in best with your company culture. However, this runs the risk of assembling a team of people who look, act and think the same. Sometimes, what you need is someone who will challenge and shake up your team, so that you have a diverse group with varying skills and outlooks.

4. Poor interview preparation

The way to prepare for an interview as the hiring manager is to carefully read your shortlisted candidates’ CVs and determine the best questions to ask them, in advance. You should not just ask standard questions like “Why are you interested in this role?” or “What are your strengths or weaknesses?”, as these are easy for candidates to rehearse for with stock answers.

5. Opting for the most likeable, rather than best candidate

 Sure, it’s nice for someone to make a good initial impression or get on well with you from a personality perspective, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be very effective on the job. Don’t allow a pleasing manner to blind you to potential faults in the candidate.
Take your time when selecting your next hire, bearing all of the above advice in mind. Be as objective as possible in ranking the candidates and make use of second interviews if necessary, and you’ll maximise your chance of picking the right person. As a premier recruitment company in Manchester, Webrecruit can assist you in that goal.

2 thoughts on “5 mistakes to avoid when you next recruit

  1. Sudarshan Sapkota on Reply

    The foremost thing I think is making yourself clear what exactly you want out of the recruit. This is the key that can avoid other errors. If we just imagined a perfect candidate beforehand any recruit, that can ruin the best things out of potential candidates.

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