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5 Must-Haves Every Recruitment Job Advert Needs

Written by Kimberley Startup | May 2, 2014 | 1 Comment
Job Advert TipsAs a busy HR professional, your time is precious. In addition to handling internal personnel matters, you also have to oversee the staff recruitment process, induct new recruits and contend with creating an appealing job advert in the first place.
However, how can you be sure that you’re attracting the right candidates with your recruitment advertising campaigns?
This year, Webrecruit have conducted a survey of their candidates to find out what aspects of a job advertisement are likely to influence their decision to apply for a position. (View our slideshare presentation).
This information is vital as a successful recruitment advertising campaign means that you have a greater selection of candidates to choose from, therefore reducing your time and cost to hire.
As a result of their survey, Webrecruit have compiled a list of the 5 essential things that need to be included in every job advert to help make your staff recruitment strategy a roaring success:

1. A searchable title

More candidates search for jobs by title than any other criteria, Webrecruit discovered in their recent candidate survey. Therefore it’s important that yours is searchable, clear and reflects the level of the candidate that you are looking for (assistant, executive, manager etc.)

2. Benefits

As well as including little gems such as commission, bonuses and a pension scheme, this is your chance to really sell your company. Talk about what makes you unique and showcase why candidates should want to come and work for you.

3. Information

Whilst it’s important to sell your company, don’t get so caught up in describing your culture that you ignore what the role itself entails.
In fact, nearly 55% of candidates cited that the information they were provided about the job from recruitment advertising was the factor that was most likely to influence them to apply.
While no-one wants to read pages of duties, a couple of paragraphs or a few bullet points that summarise the main aspects of the role and give a general overview should suffice.

4. Clear essential requirements

More than a quarter of candidates surveyed stated that the clarity of the requirements of the role greatly appealed to them.
Vagueness and confusion of what skills and experience is required for a vacancy is a common mistake in recruitment advertising. When creating your advert, don’t be tempted to note down several bullet points of skills that only your dream candidate will have.
State what’s required for the position – if candidates do possess any extra desirable skills then this is a bonus.
Remember, nothing is more off-putting to potential applicants than a huge list of skills that only a tiny percentage of candidates, if any, will possess.

5. An easy-to-read structure

More than a third of candidates surveyed said that they spent more than 6 hours a week reading job adverts, with a similar amount stating that they applied for 0-5 jobs per week.
With potential applicants spending so much time reading through adverts, your content needs to be clear, concise and error free in order to paint the best possible picture of your company.
Make sure that yours is the vacancy that candidates choose to apply for above all others.
Interested in our candidate survey results? Find out how you can improve the quality of your recruitment advertising, boost your staff recruitment and maximise candidate response rates by clicking here.

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