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5 of the essential components in boosting worker productivity

Written by Guest Author | March 21, 2017 | 0 Comments
Staff recruitmentNo matter how promising the results of your latest staff recruitment drive may have been, that sparkly new team of yours is unlikely to deliver the best possible results in the absence of genuinely effective leadership.
So without further ado, here are five of the most important things to make sure of if you wish to gain the utmost productivity from your employees.

1. A consistent approach

Your staffers like to see that you are consistent in how you treat those at all levels of your company and in everything else that you do. This helps to create the stable environment that employees need if they are to feel inspired, instead of being left unsure of what kind of boss will walk into the office each morning.

2. Treating employees like adults

If you wish to inspire your team and enable them to deliver their very best for you, you can’t obsessively micro-manage your team – yet, too many bosses still do this to the extent of basically doing their workers’ jobs for them.
Of course, you will have a vision and it’s important to inform your employees of the policies and methods that they should follow. But you should otherwise allow your employees to be themselves in how they carry out their work, and give credit and feedback in relation to that work as needed.

3. Two-way feedback

While the importance of providing staff with feedback on their performance has been emphasised often enough in articles like this one, there’s been rather less focus on how leaders benefit from asking for feedback from their employees.
Talk to your workers – particularly those at the ‘front line’ of certain key aspects of your business, such as sales, marketing and HR – about what is or isn’t working and how they personally feel that things could be improved.

4. Conducting yourself transparently

When you make certain decisions, you should be transparent towards your employees about why and how they have been made.
When team members are made fully aware of the rationale behind decisions that might otherwise puzzle them, they will be able to better understand the ‘bigger picture’ and be more productive accordingly.

5. Use perks sensibly

While the right employee ‘perks’ like a games room or flexible hours can certainly enhance what is already a motivated learning environment, they aren’t a substitute for a failure to make your employees feel valued in other ways.
Easily the best way to make employees more productive is to show them how much you value and respect them, as can be done by following the above tips.
Remember – by trusting your team and treating your workers like sensible and responsible adults, you can better inspire them to give their greatest effort for you and your company.
Combine this with the right staff recruitment approach to help ensure you have the most suitable people under your roof in the first place, and you really can look forward to sustained productivity from a motivated team.

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