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5 reasons why you keep making disastrous hires

Written by Guest Author | May 16, 2016 | 0 Comments
Recruitment companiesNot getting your hiring process right can have costly consequences – after all, why do you think recruitment companies are so popular? Badly-chosen hires produce poor quality work, contribute significantly to high employee turnover and delay the fulfilment of your organisation’s goals.
While there is no one way to consistently recruit great talent, there are certainly common mistakes made by firms trying to do so – such as the five below.

1. The use of insufficient data in the selection process

Do you evaluate your candidates at the interview stage, or do you wait until you are onboarding them? Surprisingly few organisations evaluate their candidates properly at the actual selection stage, comparing the qualitative data related to applicants’ skills, abilities and motivations.

2. A feeble employer brand

Do candidates have an immediate sense of what your business stands for, and are those principles likely to tally with what today’s socially-conscious, tech-proficient Millennials (in particular) actually desire in an employer? Remember that every aspect of your company’s communications – from its careers site and social media updates to its job postings – will be scrutinised by applicants looking to get a sense of your organisation’s culture.
Foster a good reputation for your business by not only getting your communication practices right, but also treating failed candidates as well as those who do secure a role with you.

3. A non-standardised interview process

The interview is another aspect of the hiring process that can so often fail to enable meaningful comparisons between candidates, for the simple reason that it isn’t standardised.
Don’t allow your team to drift into asking questions of one candidate ‘off the hoof’ that didn’t apply to another – make sure you have a consistent set of interview questions that addresses your specific requirements for the role.

4. A non-optimised or mobile friendly candidate experience

Candidates today expect the process of applying for a job to be quick, easy and intuitive, potentially being done ‘on the go’ if they so wish. This is why it is so important to fully utilise mobile for talent acquisition, including by having a fully functional smartphone and tablet-accessible careers site.
However, it’s not just mobile that you need to think about – every element of the application process should be streamlined and optimised as much as possible.

5. Not enough investment in the onboarding process

Your work doesn’t cease when the candidate is hired, given the great influence that the quality of the onboarding process has on their likelihood of staying with you in the long run.
Make sure that your onboarding process is consistent and goes beyond mere introductions to co-workers, helping them to immerse themselves properly in your company culture.
With such a wide range of complexities to consider in the recruitment process, the above five pointers should assist you in the optimisation of yours for future hiring success.

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