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5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Be Using Facebook to Recruit

Written by Holly Watson | September 20, 2017 | 2 Comments
Sponsored Facebook Advertising for RecruitmentIt’s no secret that social media is used regularly within the recruitment process; in fact, 84% of companies recruited using social media last year.
LinkedIn is usually the preferred choice of social networks for recruiters to source candidates, as Facebook and Twitter can seem intrusive; typically, they’re designed for personal use, whereas LinkedIn is a professional network.
While you might not wish to source candidates on Facebook, the platform can be a fantastic addition to your recruitment advertising portfolio.
Sponsored Facebook advertising campaigns are a great way of reaching relevant candidates in a non-intrusive manner. And best of all, any business with a Facebook company page can easily set up a campaign.
At Webrecruit, we’re big fans of running sponsored Facebook campaigns to advertise vacancies for our clients; here are a few reasons why:

1. You can reach passive candidates

We love job boards and they’re a great way of snapping up active jobseekers. However, if you’re solely relying on job boards to advertise, you’re also missing out on those passive candidates.
There are over two billion active monthly Facebook users across the globe. That means that a third of the world’s population are actively using the platform; you can’t ask for better exposure than that.
When setting up an advert on Facebook, the campaign will be featured on the newsfeed or sidebar of your desired audience’s screen, giving your vacancy and brand exposure to an audience who might not have seen it otherwise.

2. Campaigns can be branded with your choice of imagery

When setting up your Facebook advertising campaign, you can use your own choice of imagery or video. This is ideal if you have corporate imagery that you’re required to use or you want to show off your company culture.
Facebook allows you to be as visually creative as you like; try including a carousel of images showing off your fancy office environment. Alternatively, you can embed your corporate company video of a montage of employee testimonials.

3. You can set-up in-depth targeting

When creating your job advert, it’s important to target the right audience with the language you use. However, Facebook advertising takes things one step further and allows you to target your entire campaign to a specific audience by controlling who sees your advert.
Facebook allows for more general targeting, such as setting a location radius, or in-depth niche targeting by current job title, hobbies/interests or even life events.

4. You can use it to drive traffic to your careers page

There may be occasions when your business doesn’t have a specific vacancy to advertise but you want to still generate awareness of your employer brand.
Simply run a continuous careers promotion campaign on Facebook with the objective of driving traffic to your careers site and collecting speculative applications. You don’t have to allocate a huge budget and it’s a great way of building up your own talent pool.

5. It’s cost-effective

There’s no set price when it comes to Facebook advertising; you can sponsor your campaign for as much or as little as you want and optimise your advert for impressions or clicks. Impressions are great if you just want as much exposure as possible, whereas clicks are more preferable if you want people to complete an action (i.e. click through and apply for your role).
Generally speaking, the more budget you allocate to a campaign, the more impressions and clicks it’s likely to generate; however, you can optimise for as little as a pound a day.
Campaigns are relatively quick and easy to set up and monitor; however, if you don’t have a company careers page set up or want Webrecruit to manage it for you, contact our team on 01392 823 137 or request a recruitment advertising brochure today.

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Be Using Facebook to Recruit

  1. Merehead on Reply

    Facebook has 2B users and its a gold place for recruiters and headhunters!: )
    Ads, targeting, business pages will help you a lot on this as well as this guide!

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