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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest More Time in Your Application Form

Written by Holly Watson | August 19, 2015 | 1 Comment
Recruitment advertisingYour recruitment advertising efforts are paying off – your vacancies are getting a large response and you’re overloaded with applications.
However, when CVs are clogging up your inbox and you’re spending your busy days logging all information on spreadsheets, you might find that you start to feel overwhelmed with the amount of admin involved.
So, how do you manage your applications effectively?
If you’ve already floated the idea of an applicant tracking system (ATS) around but your business isn’t ready to invest, a simple shortlist manager could be the best option for you.
A shortlist manager delivers a streamlined application process that stores all applications from candidates in one place, categorising them and allowing you to access each candidate’s information with ease. Candidates will also fill out an application form before their details are submitted, rather than just emailing a CV.
Whilst some people view the application form as just a formality, it’s worth taking the time to put together an effective online application form – it not only gives candidates the chance to show their skills and abilities, it can also benefit you as an employer.
So, what advantages can a carefully constructed application form deliver? Webrecruit explores the top five reasons why you should be investing more time and putting more thought into your application process.

1. To avoid putting candidates off applying

It’s easy to get carried away when constructing an application form – you might be tempted to ask candidates any questions that pop into your mind. However, this can lead to a lengthy application process, which is likely to deter candidates.
Being faced with a long application form is daunting and it’s unlikely to be fully completed by candidates, especially if they are using a mobile device.
45% of job seekers say that they use their mobile device to search for jobs at least once per day, according to 50 HR and Recruitment Stats That Make You Think from Glassdoor.
By building a long application form for your vacancy, you’re potentially putting off these candidates from applying.
So, when constructing your application form, put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and think, do you really need to ask that question?

2. To assist you with your filtering

A few basic screening questions can drastically help your team to separate the relevant applications from those of little interest. Label these as your ‘killer questions’, which are your absolute must-have attributes in prospective employees.
This is particularly important for entry level positions or other popular vacancies where you’re likely to be inundated with applications. These questions will allow you to simply scroll through the applications and see the relevant ones.

Recruitment advertising3. To reinforce the important aspects of the vacancy

What really matters to you about a particular role? If you have a list of different essential skills or criteria that you’ve included in your job advert, just pick one or two of the most important points to question your candidates about on the application form.

4. It can reflect badly on your employer brand

A poorly constructed application form can look unprofessional – especially if it looks like you’ve put questions in there to try and catch candidates out. You want to be as honest and transparent as possible throughout the application process.
Application forms are often the first impression that candidates have of your company – a bad candidate experience can be off-putting and could damage your reputation as an employer.

Recruitment advertising5. It gives candidates the chance to shine

Candidates should already be tailoring their CVs to each vacancy, however if there are specific points that you’d like to know that might not necessarily be included in their resumes, the application form might be the best place to ask.
By asking these questions, you’re able to really dig into the value that each candidate could potentially bring to your business.
Having trouble with your application process? With Talent Finder, you’ll have access to an effective shortlist manager, a CV filtering service and an application form that’s fully bespoke to your vacancy. Find out more.

One thought on “5 Reasons Why You Should Invest More Time in Your Application Form

  1. Rachel on Reply

    Good software developers don’t fill in application forms. Because we’re only interested in jobs where actual human beings have reviewed our applications with the same level of care as we put into them. Believe that or don’t. But if you’ve been using application forms for a while and lamenting the competence of the candidates you attract, reconsider what I said. Good developers turn down greatly more opportunities than we accept. Your job as a hiring manager isn’t just to select the best candidates, but to attract them.

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