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5 reasons why your first-choice candidate may reject you

Written by Guest Author | February 4, 2016 | 0 Comments
recruitment expertsIt doesn’t matter how many recruitment experts you surround yourself with, or how thorough or well-timed your hiring approach has seemingly been – sometimes, that “perfect candidate” slips through your grasp, even when they were tantalisingly close to signing on the dotted line.
Here are five reasons why you may be rejected by such a candidate in 2016.

1. The candidate may be too passive

Even if you are approaching the candidate with a genuinely interesting opportunity, if they haven’t even thought of moving on from their present role for years, it may take a lot to encourage them to jump ship – and leave behind everything that they have worked so hard for in their current job.

2. You haven’t sufficiently considered their personal needs

Money isn’t most people’s only motivator, and their job is just one part of their life. If a move would not suit them in terms of their family circumstances, work-life balance or other interests, they may not see the sense in joining you.

3. They weren’t that impressed by you

The candidate may have been smiley and diplomatic in person when meeting with you, but they may not have actually been sufficiently enthralled by your company. Aspects of your organisation’s leadership, products, services or culture may have set off alarm bells in their head – it happens all the time.

4. You haven’t got the timing right

There are typically two possibilities here: you have tried to hurry the candidate into making a quicker decision than they are comfortable with making, or so much time may have been allowed to pass that they have simply lost interest. Either way, you need to think about the length, structure and culture of your hiring process and what effect it is having on your candidates.

5. Another opportunity has come up

Hiring managers across the UK are very familiar with the feeling that they have instinctively understood what a certain candidate really wants, and even better, have offered all of those things to the candidate. So, it can be a shock when the candidate suddenly takes a job elsewhere. Sometimes, candidates can mislead you about their true level of enthusiasm for your vacancy.
Whatever the reasons for that brilliant candidate unexpectedly turning down the opportunity to join you, remember that you should always have a “plan B” in place anyway – it’s just good business sense.
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