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5 Signs that You’ve Made the Wrong Hire

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 28, 2014 | 0 Comments
stresed-man-BSYou might think that you’ve been pretty thorough in your latest office recruitment drive. You may think that you have asked the right interview questions, got the right answers and made the right choice of candidate – only to be jerked into insecurity when your hire starts to let you down.
It happens so often that every business has probably experienced it at least once: the hiring of the wrong candidate. Here are five indications that your brand spanking new recruit may not be walking your corridors for long.

1. They’re constantly making the same errors

Sure, it takes time for a new employee to get to grips with things in a new environment. But if they told you that they were a ‘quick learner’ and yet can’t even get the company name right in a sales call a week or so after they were hired, now might be the time to fret.

2. They moan about the tasks you give them

It’s a seriously bad sign if your new employee is complaining about the work you’ve given them. It suggests that they believe certain tasks to be ‘below them’ – and this may be just the first week. Imagine how much worse things will get when that person has got their feet under the table and the workloads really ramp up.

3. They stick to the ‘bare minimum’

If it’s great news to see your new employee spending their first few weeks doing everything possible to impress you, the opposite very much applies to those who turn up at 9, head out not a second past 5:30 and only do what you ask them to. Is such a person really bothered about impressing you or staying around at your company?
4. They cause friction with other colleagues
Is your employee justly standing up for themselves in a debate… or are they starting a war over nothing? Some new workers are a lot more inclined towards conflict than others, at a time when they should be focussing on fitting in and bonding well with co-workers. Keep an eye on the situation between your new recruit and their new colleagues and take action if necessary.

5. They search for other jobs during office hours

Yes, some employees may just be stupid enough to use your company’s office computers to search for a new job when they ought to be working for you. If you spot your new worker doing such a thing, we recommend that you jettison them sharpish.
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