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5 Signs You Need to Work on Your Job Adverts

Written by Holly Watson | March 29, 2017 | 0 Comments
Work on your job advertsYour job adverts are an important part of your online recruitment advertising strategy.
They provide the first glimpse of the role on offer and will usually help to form the first impression a candidate has of your business.
Whether you’ve been confidently writing your company’s job adverts for years or you really struggle to put them together, it’s important to constantly review how well your adverts are performing.
So, what are the warning signs that your job adverts may be underperforming? Webrecruit has compiled a list of the top five areas to look out for:



1. You’re not attracting any candidatesNot attracting candidates

Perhaps the most obvious sign that your job advert isn’t working is a distinct lack of applications.
We recommend waiting at least seven days before making any adjustments to your job advert, unless there are any glaring errors. After a week, if you find that you’re still lacking candidates, it’s time to step back and look at your advert.
If you’re advertising your role on online job boards, consider contacting each board and asking for some statistics. Compare the number of views that your vacancy has had to the number of candidates who have clicked through to apply.
If not many candidates are viewing your role, think about changing the job title; is it commonly used and does it accurately reflect the role being advertised? Alternatively, if there’s flexibility, consider increasing the salary advertised.
On the other hand, if you find that your advert is getting plenty of views that aren’t converting into applications, there’s probably something in the body of the advert that’s putting candidates off.
In this case, take a step back and read the advert from the candidate’s point of view; is it too wordy? Have you sold the role? Does it sound boring? Adjust your approach accordingly.


Attracting the wrong candidates2. You’re attracting the wrong candidates

Another common issue you might experience with your job adverts is that they’re attracting the wrong type of candidates. If this is the case, you need to work on targeting your adverts to your desired audience.
Take a look at your essential criteria; if you’re looking for an experienced candidate, make sure that you’ve clearly listed the knowledge, skills and qualifications required within the advert. You should base the rest of the advert around this criteria.
For example, if you’re looking for a marketer with proven social media experience, try opening up with:
“Are you a social media savvy marketing professional looking for a new challenge where you can put your skills to good use?”
We recommend keeping your ideal candidate at the forefront of your mind when constructing your advert.


Cultural fit3. Cultural fit is a continuous problem when you reach interview stage

You’ve found a few qualified candidates who you’ve progressed to interview stage – great! However, when interviewing them, you discover that they might not be quite the right fit.
Maybe they’re too corporate, maybe they’re not creative enough, maybe they’re too relaxed and casual in their approach.
Hiring for cultural fit is something that’s becoming increasingly more important when recruiting a new member of your team. That’s why it’s also important to communicate your company’s culture and values within your job adverts.
Write about what’s important to your company; talk about the qualities you value in your team, your office layout, your benefits and your structure. Make sure you communicate the essence of your business.


Lacking soft skills4. Your candidates are lacking the soft skills you need

Soft skills can often be overlooked in the recruitment process. They’re usually given less focus in job adverts than hard experience and qualifications, however in some sectors they can be even more important.
If you’re advertising a role where soft skills are important (for example, a customer service vacancy), make sure that your job advert makes it clear what qualities and attributes are required.
Soft skills can be difficult to assess by CV so it’s important to communicate exactly what’s required within your job advert.



5. Your candidates keep dropping outCandidates keep dropping out

Do you find that great candidates keep dropping out of your recruitment process? If so, it’s possible that there’s a disconnect between your job advert and the actual role.
While it’s important to sell the role within your job advert, be careful not to oversell the opportunity or make your company out to be something it isn’t just to attract candidates. If you do, you run the risk of misleading candidates and they will probably drop out of the process if the role isn’t what they were expecting.
Don’t exaggerate in your adverts; be open, honest and proud of your company and what you have to offer.


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