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5 steps to building a brilliant employer brand

Written by Guest Author | November 25, 2015 | 0 Comments
Recruitment software, employer brandingAs important as good recruitment software is for ensuring that you hire the right people, those people won’t want to work for you in the first place if you lack a great employer brand.
An employer brand is effectively the collection of values, outward messages and behaviours that determines the image of your company in the eyes of potential candidates. If you want to make sure yours makes the difference, take these following five steps to success.

1. Get your leaders to take it seriously

Do those at the helm of your company have any idea why candidates would actually want to work for them? Are they able to talk in articulate terms about the employee experience, in addition to being aware of how their company is perceived by candidates already?

2. Define what your culture actually is

What is your present company culture, and what do you want it to be in the future? Even more to the point, are your existing staff living up to your company’s lofty ideals already, or could they do with some more training in this regard?

3. Apply those values across the worker life cycle

Employer brands aren’t something that you come up with on a piece of paper, then just forget about – or at least, they’re not supposed to be. Then, there are those companies that do live up to their employer brand when hiring, only to stop referring to it once their new staffer is actually on board.
Your employer brand should make itself felt at every stage of the employee experience, right down to when your firm is both hiring and firing.

4. Make your employees your ambassadors

Getting your existing personnel to really believe in your employer brand is no less vital than getting your executives to do the same. After all, the best candidates are likely to place huge stock in what existing staff members say about a company before making a decision on whether to join.

5. Draw upon social media

So much of the marketing of brands now takes place on social media – where, coincidentally, most candidates today often look for opportunities.
You can probably see where this is going – from using Instagram for the sharing of company events to posting ‘meet the team’ and ‘behind the scenes’ videos on Facebook, social networks offer so much scope for promoting your employer brand.
Sure, there are other, slightly more complicated elements to consider in building an employer brand, but the above steps are some of the most important ones for making candidates really notice your company for all of the right reasons.

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