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5 things that deter potential applicants for your roles

Written by Guest Author | February 7, 2017 | 0 Comments
Recruitment companiesEven following all of the most obvious – and less obvious – advice from recruitment companies like Webrecruit doesn’t always land you that dream candidate for your open position. Sometimes, good people just don’t seem to be applying for your vacancy at all – so what could be going wrong?
It could be that you’re putting off otherwise promising candidates – especially if any of the following notorious signs are present.

1. Job descriptions with more buzzwords than insight

Yes, your firm might be “innovative” and “fast growing” and you might want your new employee to be a “self-starter” with “experience of managing budgets” – but what does all of that mean?
In what ways is your business innovative? How much revenue was it generating three years ago and how much does it generate now? What size of budget will your new staffer typically be handling?
Candidates need this information to get a proper sense of the nature of the role.

2. No mention of a salary range

This is something else that shouldn’t be absent from your recruitment advertising.
A salary range helps to make clear to candidates the level of the job, and while most people aren’t concerned solely with money, most of us have certain lifestyles to which we are accustomed.
It’s therefore only natural that people will want to know whether they can earn the amount they need to earn in your role.

3. A poor company reputation

What former employees or even clients say about your company online does make a difference – candidates are savvy these days, and the best will certainly research your business online before applying.
It isn’t just bad reviews that could put off good candidates going anywhere near you – even just being involved in an industry with a dodgy reputation could leave you with a perception barrier to overcome.

4. A long or cumbersome application process

Of course, you might not want to make applying for your vacancy so easy that you receive a deluge of applications from people who have barely read your advert. However, there’s a thin line between putting off the duds and deterring genuinely qualified people as well.
Are you expecting applicants to not only upload their CV but also complete multiple forms demanding information that is already on their CV, in addition to providing four professional references and a load of personal and education references as well?
If so, don’t be shocked if your job advert is met with little more than tumbleweed.

5. Overdoing it with the listed requirements

As great as it is to have a detailed list of the attributes and qualifications that you want applicants to possess, you have to be careful about becoming so unrealistic with the list of criteria that basically no one is able to take on the role.
At the same time, don’t list qualifications that would be far too obvious – “proficiency with Microsoft Word” if you’re seeking an experienced copywriter, for instance.
So many things can deter otherwise great candidates. This is why your company needs to send out the right messages to the most talented people, rather than simply giving them the impression that they would be lucky to even be given an interview with you.

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