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5 tips for minimising staff turnover

Written by Holly Watson | June 14, 2016 | 0 Comments
Recruitment process managementEven the very best recruitment process management isn’t always enough to stop one of your employees leaving, not least as many will quit their posts for reasons completely beyond your control. Especially high staff turnover by the standards of your industry, however, probably does indicate that there’s something your company could be doing to keep more of its workers on board.
Step this way for five of our favourite tips for reducing employee turnover.

1. Determine why people are leaving

It’s hard to determine much from a raw statistic showing your company’s present rate of turnover, so you will need to ask some serious questions. Are most of your leavers coming from a certain troubled department? How many of those exits are resignations, and how many are terminations? Are personal reasons such as a new addition to the family or a spouse’s relocation prompting your employees’ departures, or are they stressed or burned out?

2. Gather plenty of employee feedback

Your workers want to feel that they are valued and will be listened to – so don’t dismiss employee engagement surveys. When you ask the right questions and act on the responses you receive, making clear to your workers how much you value the quality of their experience at your company, it is less likely that they will constantly be eyeing the exit door.

3. Give your workers growth opportunities

Have you talked to your employees about what they want to be doing in 3-5 years’ time, including what level of responsibility they want to have? Furthermore, do you provide them with opportunities for career development and growth so that they feel they are continually progressing in some way at your company? If not, don’t be surprised if they look elsewhere for these things.

4. Reduce employee stress levels

High-pressure situations and tight deadlines are common features of any industry, but different companies deal differently with the stress that is placed on their workers as a result. Do you give your workers all of the information, equipment and resources they need to do their jobs well, and if practicable, do you give them time to recuperate after an especially demanding project? Your workers won’t feel burned out so often if they feel genuinely supported by their employer.

5. Have the right hiring process in the first place

Have you considered that your company’s high turnover rate may be attributable to simply not recruiting the right people? Do you often find yourself hiring a merely ‘OK’ candidate to fill a recently vacated role quickly, rather than taking the time to find someone who is much more suitable for the position? Perhaps you employ people too often on the basis of their skills alone, not considering their fit with the general culture of your company as well?
We live in a world of ever-shortening employee tenures at companies, so a certain level of turnover is inevitable. The key is to do what you can to drive down this turnover by providing your employees with the very best experience for as long as they are actually with you.

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