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5 tips for recruiting the ideal employee

Written by Guest Author | September 20, 2016 | 1 Comment
Recruitment advertising agenciesNo one ever said that finding the right employee for your organisation was always easy. For example, while you may wish to follow the standard recruitment procedures that have long been proven to bring success, you will also probably wish to encourage diversity and find a candidate who stands out.
Fortunately, the tried-and-tested techniques we have listed below should offer you some guidance.

1. Sell the role in the job description

If you want to find the ideal candidate for your vacant position, you need to ensure that your job description and recruitment material together give an accurate portrayal of the role.
As well as listing all of the necessary skills and experience, you should ensure that you are honest and transparent about any challenges that the employee may face. After all, you don’t want to hire a candidate who can’t work well under pressure.

2. Interview your candidates effectively

When you take candidates to the interview phase, you should be sure to carefully plan and ask the right questions. It can sometimes be useful to arrange more than one round of interviews, or to tailor your questions to each of the candidates to get a deeper understanding of their personality and skill sets. After all, it’s unlikely that all of your candidates will share the same experiences and attitudes.

3. Consider a pre-hire assessment

Introducing a pre-hire assessment as part of your recruitment process may sound like hard work, but it can help you to learn a lot about the candidates you are considering.
Behavioural surveys, whereby such parameters as empathy, communication, thinking, morals and organisational skills are measured, have long worked well for a wide range of firms. Not only do they allow you to get to grips with the person in question, but they can also assist you in deciding whether they’re right for your advertised role.

4. References are important

Asking candidates for references should already be a part of your hiring process, but proactively reaching out to those referees and asking for information can be useful. Many employers skip this stage of the process to save time, but it can offer important insights, making any such ‘savings’ something of a ‘false economy’.

5. Offer training

The hiring process doesn’t end when a new employee signs on. Taking advantage of your new hire’s enthusiasm and desire to please can be vital to ensuring their success in their early days in the role, so don’t be afraid to enrol them on training, let them shadow other employees and focus on getting your employee’s skills to where you need them to be.
Whether you are hiring for the first time or are regularly adding to your team, getting the basics right is crucial. As well as following our hiring advice, consider taking advantage of our other wide-ranging services here at Webrecruit, one of the leading recruitment advertising agencies today.

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