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5 tips for writing a brilliant job advert

Written by Guest Author | October 27, 2015 | 0 Comments
Recruitment advertisingPutting together effective recruitment advertising always seems straightforward enough – until you actually need to put ‘pen to paper’ and are suddenly overcome by crippling ‘writer’s block’.
Sadly, knowing what and what not to include in a job advert is far from a cinch. But when you adopt the right methodical process – incorporating steps like those below – you can better ensure consistently high quality job postings.

1. Introduce your company

When we say ‘introduce’, we do mean ‘introduce’ – don’t make your job advert all about you. Instead, aim to give your candidate a sense of what’s in it for them – the company philosophy, culture, achievements and other things that would actually make them want to work for you.
Sum it up in a paragraph at the top of the advert, or separated across the start and end of your posting… and then get on with explaining the actual job.

2. Set out the role and why it exists

We’re not just talking about a list of bullet pointed job responsibilities here – after all, that won’t make your candidate feel connected to or excited about the vacancy.
That’s why you should go beyond such basics by composing a brief narrative that will allow your candidate to easily picture the interesting things about the job, what it’s like on a day-to-day basis and the impact that they can have on your business as a result.

3. Don’t blur the ‘nice-to-haves’ and ‘must-haves’

Make clear exactly what the absolutely-must-have requirements are – a certain degree perhaps, or a certain level of experience, or certain soft/technical skills.
But also ensure that you have set out the difference between these and any extra desired candidate characteristics that, while useful to have, wouldn’t be deal-breakers. You won’t want to put off perfectly good candidates who fear that they wouldn’t make the cut.

4. Condense and simplify the list of duties

As mentioned above, bullet points can be boring or overwhelming, especially when the recruiter piles on so many more responsibilities that distract the reader from the job’s core duties.
Carefully consider the most important, day-to-day duties and expectations in the job, and try to restrict any bullet points that you do use to 5-10 items. Make your wording ‘to the point’, so that candidates can quickly understand exactly what you require.

5. Incorporate a ‘call to action’

Instil some urgency in the reader with a quick, concluding call to action – something like ‘Does this sound like your dream role? Apply now!’ or ‘Get in touch with us now about this brilliant opportunity’.
Be simple, be direct and make sure your recruitment advertising text reads as well on a mobile device as it does on desktop, so that every candidate can engage with it. These tips can make a massive difference to your chances of producing a better pool of candidates to choose from for your vacancy.

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