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5 tricks of the retail recruitment trade

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 28, 2013 | 0 Comments
Retail-recruitment-300x199Are you responsible for retail recruitment? Wishing there was an easier way to attract & source talent?
Retail is a people business and when it comes to recruitment, it’s paramount you know what you’re looking for and have a system for hiring and retaining your staff.
Here are Webrecruit’s five top tips to help your retail recruitment.

1. Encourage growth within the business

One of the biggest challenges employers face when it comes to retail recruitment is the high level of staff turnover.
In fact, a survey by Hays Group reported that the first part of 2012 showed an increase in staff turnover for one in five retailers. So how do you stop all your star employees from quitting?
One of the best ways to combat increased turnover is to create a culture that encourages and supports growth within your retail business. If employees can see a clear future with your company, it’s likely they will stay with you for longer.
While smaller retail businesses may not be equipped to offer lifelong career progression, that doesn’t mean staff can’t move sideways and get involved with other projects that makes them feel valued and their work more interesting.

2. Pay the going rate

It goes without saying, but if you want to recruit the best retail staff then you need to be paying the going rate.
A Webrecruit ( study of the retail vacancies we worked on over the last 12 months has enabled us to determine the premium pay for retail vacancies dependent on the seniority and location of the position.
To access your free copy of the salary checker, simply click below.

3. Keep the application process simple

Think of the time it takes you to sift through endless application forms with complicated questions and requirements.
Instead, keep the application process as straight forward and simple as possible. Perhaps you could ask for a one-page CV and five reasons why the applicant should be considered for your retail post?

4. Prepare for the holidays

Retail recruitment gets a massive boost when it comes to seasonal holidays. Not only are your application rates likely to double, but your hiring process must be quick and candidates must be trained and up-to-speed even quicker.
If you know you’re going to need to push a seasonal recruitment drive, don’t hang around. It’s never too early to start putting a search & selection process in place when looking for seasonal staff. Even better, create a talent pool full of candidates who fit the retail jobs you are hiring for.

5. Hire your customers

Have you ever considered how your existing customer base can provide an excellent source for hiring star candidates? And, who better to recruit than the people who are already familiar with your brand – and love you.
It’s also a very easy audience to reach since they’re always in your shop. A simple window ad or a shout out on your social platforms will provide you with enough attention for your retail recruitment.
Looking for help with your retail recruitment? Webrecruit has had great success sourcing retail staff for a number of the UK’s leading businesses.
To find out more, please request our brochure or call us on 0845 034 945.

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