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5 types of people you shouldn’t employ

Written by Guest Author | October 19, 2015 | 0 Comments
Recruiting staff, recruit staffOf all of the things that you learn when recruiting staff, one of the most important is undoubtedly how to choose the right and wrong personality type for your company.
Much naturally depends on ‘cultural fit’ – finding those people who seem to fit your business like a glove – but there are also certain people who you just shouldn’t hire, regardless of anything else.
Below are five of the toxic types that will de-motivate your workforce and damage your bottom line.

1. Constant complainers

You know the type – the ones who can’t seem to not whinge about something. They always take the negative angle to everything and try to validate their feelings by getting your fellow staff to complain constantly as well. They are energy drainers who will do this with each and every employee of yours who will listen to their bleating.

2. Perpetual victims

Some people never seem to be able to take responsibility for their own actions and lack of success. Instead, it’s always about those outside circumstances or events that constantly and somehow conspire against them. Your staff will feel down very quickly if they spend much time with these people.

3. Highly judgmental types

Sure, it’s only human to judge people and circumstances – but those who do that to an extreme extent, seeing everything as definitely right or definitely wrong, can be very annoying people for your personnel to work alongside. They’re always right, everyone else is always wrong – you know the type. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

4. Arrogant types

It’s great to have self-confident staff, but the moment they start to feel threatened by other people’s achievements to the point of belittling them, you have an unhelpfully arrogant employee on your hands. These are the types who always see everything that their colleagues do as not good enough, certainly when compared to anything that they can do.

5. Control freaks

These are the people who feel the need to exert control over every situation that they are in, which often extends to manipulating their more needy and low-confidence colleagues to do as they say. It can all make for some seriously messy and unproductive workplace relationships.
It should be one of the central tenets of your recruitment strategy to always hire people who will inspire your fellow team members and contribute to the group effort, rather than those will who drain your workforce of those great qualities.
What more reason do you need to take personality seriously when you are recruiting staff?

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