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5 ways to ensure that more of your employees stick around

Written by Guest Author | October 4, 2016 | 0 Comments
Managed recruitmentLosing an important member of your workforce can be a major blow. Not only do you have to say goodbye to a high-performing employee, but there is the added difficulty of recruiting and training another employee up to the same standard.
However, high employee turnover is avoidable, and the key is to protect against it and focus on keeping your workforce engaged, motivated and dedicated.

1. Maintain high standards of communication

One of the most vital aspects of good leadership is strong communication. Maintaining open channels of communication, keeping your employees in the loop over important aspects and engaging with them to ask for ideas, advice and support can all help to improve retention.

2. Encourage healthy lifestyles

Healthy employees work harder. The healthier and more active your employees are, the higher the likelihood is that they will succeed in their role and actually want to work.
Focus on the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees – whether by providing free gym membership, giving them sufficient time off to grieve after a family bereavement or promoting the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle – and you will soon see that you have a more dedicated, engaged workforce.

3. Ensure that your workers grow

If you want to keep your employees within your organisation, you need to make sure that they do not outgrow their roles. Learning and training schemes can be used to ensure your team members continually develop themselves, while regular promotions and good chances of progression can further motivate them to stick around.

4. Recognise them for their great work

Recognising your employees for their hard work is one of the simplest and most effective methods of inspiring your employees – indeed, failing to do so regularly can produce the opposite effect. It is possible that your employees will struggle to understand what success means within your organisation if they are not recognised regularly for specific achievements.

5. Foster good employee relationships

When your employees work alongside positive, like-minded people, they are more likely to enjoy their job. Indeed, employee relationships can be a strong retention factor within a role, and the sense of ‘camaraderie’ that can be achieved through teamwork can be a powerful contributor to success.
By focusing on job satisfaction and showing your employees that you are passionate about their hard work and success, you are more likely to see a reduction in employee turnover and achieve greater results in the process.
In the event that an important employee does leave your organisation, you should be sure to rely on the managed recruitment services offered by Webrecruit. We can help you to attract the very best employees for your company.

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