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5 ways to make your workforce happier, better-performing and safer

Written by Guest Author | June 28, 2016 | 0 Comments
Recruitment expertsWorking harder doesn’t always mean working better. Although many people spend long hours at work, they could be easily led to feel overworked and undervalued and as a result, slip in performance.
The true way to improve performance is to make your workplace happier, safer and a better all-round place to be. Here at Webrecruit, our recruitment experts are on hand to offer some useful tips for improving the performance of your workforce.

1. Communicate with your team

Nobody likes to feel that their voice isn’t heard, and a lack of communication in the workplace can do just that. To make your employees feel valued, you should keep everybody in the loop, maintain open communication channels and encourage employee innovation. Why not present new business ideas to your team and ask for their advice and opinions?

2. Motivate and praise

If employees feel valued, they’re likely to perform better at work. Offering verbal or written praise, on the spot bonuses or work days out is a great incentive for hard work. Not only will praise increase performance, but it will also boost team morale and personal confidence.

3. Encourage work-life balance

Long days at work and mounting deadlines can make employees feel trapped. Even though you want your employees to be at their best 100% of the time, encouraging days off and holidays will help prevent burnout and reduce stress levels, and give your employees something to look forward to. If your business allows it, offering flex time or unconventional working schedules could suit the needs of certain staff.

4. Don’t overwork your staff

Of course, you want to meet your company targets, but overworking your staff is a way to reduce motivation in the long term. Encourage at least seven hours of sleep per nights, limit working hours and don’t let your employees take home extra work, as they need a chance to relax. For larger organisations, wellness programmes such as free gym membership could be a great solution.

5. Set goals and targets

Giving your employees realistic goals and standards can help to increase motivation, prevent stress and increase transparency among workers. By setting success benchmarks, your employees will know where they need to be and how to get there. As an extra incentive, offer a bonus or reward for reaching targets.
Don’t just focus on getting the best out of your current staff – make sure you have the right people on board in the first place, by contacting Webrecruit for the best-informed and most specialised assistance with your hiring.

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