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7 of the best questions for employers to ask at interview

Written by Guest Author | December 21, 2016 | 1 Comment
Interview questionsOne of the biggest influences on your organisation’s ability to find great talent is what you ask at interview. Here are just seven of the most effective questions.

1. “What’s your personal brand?”

This question tests the candidate’s self-awareness and the extent to which they may have already developed a distinctive online or workplace persona. It also helps to shed light on their interests and soft skills.

2. “What is one thing that motivates you to get up in the morning?”

While this is a rather unorthodox question, it may help you to assess the kind of culture in which the interviewee will likely excel.

3. “Are you entrepreneurial?”

In other words, is the candidate a driven, motivated self-starter? This isn’t an easy thing to teach, so it’s worth finding out whether it is true of the given candidate.

4. “When did you start working?”

A candidate who has been working for a long time – for example, to raise enough funds to buy their first car – is likely to prove a key player for your company, should you give them the go-ahead.

5. “Do you enjoy getting involved?”

When recruiting for a senior post, an affirmative answer to this question, along with being a suitable cultural fit and an effective communicator, counts strongly in the candidate’s favour.

6. “Will you take ownership?”

Does the candidate always keep the best interests of his or her company in mind, to such an extent that they treat the business as if it was their own? Such people can be indispensable for your firm.

7. “Will you challenge my ideas?”

As employers commonly take on recruits who don’t take issue with their authority, you can gain an edge by opting instead for people who are more intelligent than you in certain respects – people who will challenge you to better yourself.
Many of these questions may seem to be extremely simple ones, but when used intelligently, they can be very insightful and effective for recruiting staff.
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One thought on “7 of the best questions for employers to ask at interview

  1. Henry on Reply

    These are some really interesting questions and exactly the kind f thing employers should be asking of candidates.

    Questioning a potential employee’s entrepreneurial spirit may seem strange, but in a fast developing world it’s exactly the kind of skill ambitious businesses should be asking and precisely the type of quality a good employee will have. It doesn’t mean they’re secretly planning to run off and launch that killer app they’ve been dreaming of, rather that they can develop a vision of the future for the company they work for.

    (I’m making a note of these questions for my own use – Thanks)

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