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9 ways to transform connections into candidates

webrecruit social media recruitmentIs your business currently using social media to recruit, but finding it is not delivering the returns you’d expected? Do you find you don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of each channel?

With talk of social media’s influence set to rise; hiring managers are fast seeing the benefits of using it as an additional stream for talent. Yet finding the resources – whether that’s time or people – to master it and get the ROI you need isn’t always easy.

I’ve put together a mini check list of what you should be doing to increase your chances of recruiting through social media. (It’s based on the assumption you are already signed up to a number of these, but perhaps are missing out on some key points).

Here are our top 9 suggestions – used by online recruiters – to get the most from your connections:


– Using ‘Lists’ – segment the people you are following by skill set, location, industry
– In your profile, include a link to your website’s careers page to direct relevant traffic
– Share jobs a few times a day – an endless stream with no interaction will put people off


– Join groups, or even start your own, and upload vacancies on the jobs tab
– When connecting with potential hires, change LinkedIn’s generic one-line invitation and include reasons why you want to connect with that person
– Create a company profile (like this), and include jobs, what services you offer and recommendations to add further credibility


– Use the applications tab to set up a live job feed (here’s an example of ours)
– Using Facebook Insights, look at your most visited page – then populate with your key message
– Post pictures of your office and staff to show what your culture is really like

Want to know more?

Here are some great social media recruitment posts you may find useful:

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