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How to create a LinkedIn group and attract talent

Written by Kimberley Startup | September 24, 2012 | 3 Comments

A LinkedIn group is a powerful way to develop your own community and potentially, talent pool. As a hiring manager, if you are looking for new ways to direct referral traffic to your careers site, boost your employer brand and develop new communities – ripe with talent – a LinkedIn group could add considerable value to your hiring strategy.

At the time of writing, there were over 1,434,000 LinkedIn  groups – catering to an extensive user base. There are groups for HR directors and IT specialists, fans of Cisco, the White House and SAP professionals. This number is only set to increase, so how can you leverage this as a hiring manager?

Getting started

If you decide a LinkedIn group is the way forward for you, decide what niche you are looking to serve, and design a strategy that complements it. For example, will it be focused around your brand or will have a regional twist? Maybe you’re looking to create a hub for customer service professionals? (If your business already has a group, consider setting up a ‘careers’ sub group).

Once you’ve got your idea, familiarise yourself with the functions available. For example, learn how to use discussions to engage with your members, and get to grips with how to moderate comments.

Engaging with users

If you work for an IT services company, for example, you could set up a group catering to technical professionals with the aim of directing them to your latest vacancies.

Your content could include posing technical but interesting challenges as a discussion, and seeing how members would come up with a solution. You could also invite your IT Director to write a guest column on developments within the industry, or why a career with your business is the way to go.

Notice how these tactics aren’t hard-sell; rather, they are aimed at created demand for your group and your employer brand. Get people to associate your employer brand with useful content, and you’ll boost your chances of attracting talent.

5 ways to jump start your LinkedIn group

– use the ‘Send Announcement’ tool to communicate with members on a weekly basis by email
– invite applicants within your existing talent pool to join the group
– invite your suppliers to provide unique content
– be realistic about what you are measuring – referrals, comments…applications?
– promote your careers website or other elements of the business

Case study: webrecruit

webrecruit’s group, Transforming Recruitment Online, for example, provides a clear example of how to engage with job seekers at various levels of their search.

To cater to active candidates, all client vacancies are posted within the Jobs tab, and discussion on a range of topics are featured. Passive candidates are kept happy too with the inclusion of guest columns, as well as access to webinars from industry thought-leaders.


From a branding point of view, the group complements our promise of transparency. Senior management take part in discussions with clients and jobseekers alike, and comments – positive or negative – are left untouched.

The results are clear. The group is now one of the fastest-growing in the UK, and the referral traffic to our website is in its thousands every month.

This post is featured within webrecruit’s latest whitepaper for hiring managers: How to attract talent and see results using LinkedIn. 

3 thoughts on “How to create a LinkedIn group and attract talent

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