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Using your brand to attract talent

Written by Kimberley Startup | October 29, 2012 | 0 Comments
Recruitment advertisingWhat key hiring messages are you putting out? How do they come across? Who are you trying to attract?
Competition for talent is only getting fiercer, and it’s becoming more evident that in order to attract the best talent, a company must consider its employer branding. Yet there are few companies that are as rigorous at branding themselves to candidates as they are at branding their products and services to their customers.
In response to this, we’ve put together 4 key tips for companies looking to improve the way they market themselves to attract star hires.
1. Think of candidates as your customers. Determine which attributes matter most to specific types of recruits and understand how best to reach them.
For example, a recent study by webrecruit found 56% of engineering candidates now use LinkedIn to search for job opportunities. We also found that engineering candidates consider career progression as the most important aspect when looking for opportunities.
2. Consider your EVP.  As organisations compete to secure and attract the best talent, particular attention must be paid to your EVP.
An EVP (Employee Value Proposition) is the characteristics and appeal of working for an organisation. We’re not just talking salaries and benefits; we’re talking the entire employment experience from culture and management style to career development and reward.
When used and communicated effectively, your EVP becomes an invaluable and powerful tool in connecting employees’ desires with what the employer provides.
3. Get creative with your recruitment brand. Align the personality of your business with the personality of your work environment.
Use platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest to give potential employees a visual insight into your work environment.
4. What’s the voice of your employees? Nothing is more genuine about a company than hearing how happy your current employees are and why they enjoy working for your company.
Employee referrals have become increasingly common in the workplace and you want to make sure your staff are saying good things about you.
Developing your brand for recruitment is of paramount importance if you want to be seen as an employer of choice. It captures and expresses what it’s like to work for your organisation and can make the difference between attracting and losing talent.
If you’re interested in finding out more about promoting your brand and how to become an employer of choice, you might find the following article of use: ‘Creating your employer brand: how to transform into an employer of choice’.
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