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Do away with call-centre drudgery – Give games a go!

Written by Kimberley Startup | June 25, 2012 | 4 Comments

Sounds like child’s play doesn’t it? Infantile nonsense really… That’s where you’re wrong. Introducing office games can work wonders for firing-up a lacklustre team of phone operators.

It’s no secret that call-centres can be highly stressful places to work. Workloads can be seen as repetitive, boring and unchallenging and staff turnover is often well above average.

All this combined can lead to an unhappy workforce, which is the last thing you want as a call-centre supervisor.

Here are a few examples of the best call-centre games we found – for boosting morale and banishing boredom from the workplace.


This relies on the office to be split into islands of desks. Each workstation represents a team, or ‘boat. Like in the game of Battleships, each team competes against one another. When one agent makes a sale they get to sink the agent sitting in the same seat on the opposing ‘boat’. The winning team then receives a prize. People find it really engaging; it ignites competiveness, builds comradeship and encourages staff to bond.

Pass the bear: 

Introduce a call centre mascot. Choose a funny or iconic stuffed animal, such as SpongeBob SquarePants, or another character which will be popular with people. The mascot is then passed around the room as a badge of honour. Every hour the toy is given to the representative who makes or accepts the most calls. Whoever has possession of the bear the most over the course of the week then wins a prize.

Race Track:

Mount a board in the call-centre where everyone can see it. Laminate a paper jockey on horseback for every worker, each in a different colour so as to be distinguishable. Attach magnets to the back of them and place them on the start point of a drawn on track. At the opposite end make a finishing line and give it a value, such as, a quota number of calls. As staff move towards their goal, so the horses are moved along the track. The first person to cross the finishing line wins a prize.

Call-centre Bingo:

Distribute bingo boards to everyone in the office. You can either keep it simple and use numbers, or make it more relevant by using job related words. At random times throughout the day call out numbers/words for people to cross off their cards. This works well as a bit of Friday fun, or to motivate everyone on a Monday. Whoever wins at the end of the day receives a prize.

Do you use any games to motivate your call-centre staff? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comment box below. Alternatively, if you’re looking to recruit call-centre staff, please request a brochure here.


4 thoughts on “Do away with call-centre drudgery – Give games a go!

  1. elvincredible on Reply

    This is amazing, it reminds me of my years of working experience in the call centre industry and how we did our best to create a better working environment and ace our Customer Satisfaction Survey scores!

  2. Frank on Reply

    My god …is working in a call centre that dull ….no wonder the service is so poor ! Everytime I phone they play a different game ……lets see how long we can leave you on hold

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