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Case Study: Sourcing quality for the UK’s fastest growing online women’s fashion retailer

Written by Kimberley Startup | July 18, 2011 | 2 Comments
Award winning online fashion retailer, Boohoo, were on the lookout for a recruiter to match their unparalleled growth – one that could provide great active and passive candidates whilst delivering significant cost savings.
webrecruit’s candidate attraction and management strategies, combined with their cost-saving ability, proved to be an instant hit for the retailer.

The employer:

In a short amount of time, Boohoo has made a big impression on the UK fashion industry. With a number of awards and accolades under their belt, not to mention treble digit growth each year, the brand has become synonymous with trend-led design, operating from its 120-strong Manchester head office.
As a young, highly successful business, Boohoo required additional staff from a range of disciplines, from copywriting and design, to HR and eCommerce. And to maintain its leading position, Head of HR, Kathy Allison, was tasked with identifying new recruitment channels to complement their existing portfolio of suppliers.

The challenge:

To keep their resourcing strategy fresh and cost-effective, Kathy set out researching the online recruitment solutions available. After a short amount of time, she felt that using the job boards directly wasn’t providing the quality required, and traditional agency fees were too steep to recruit multiple candidates. Boohoo were left with a challenge.
It was after hearing about a new breed of online recruiter that Kathy came across online recruitment specialist, webrecruit, who could offer a double solution: tailored candidate attraction and management services targeting active and passive candidates – at a price that was affordable.

The solution:

webrecruit recognised the recruitment challenges facing Boohoo.  Like the online retailer, webrecruit is an online business that has superseded traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ companies operating in its space and, as a result, recognises the challenges ahead.
webrecruit’s competitive pricing immediately proved an advantage, with Kathy purchasing a multi-pack to fill a number of vacancies. The team’s online recruitment expertise would also help to position the roles online and target the right resources and, more importantly, target passive candidates.

The result:

Since Boohoo have been working with webrecruit, they have gone on to place a number of candidates. Benefiting from webrecruit’s use of job boards, CV database searching, filtering and screening, and highly successful social media strategies, Boohoo have successfully placed a number of junior-level applicants and HR professionals.
Commenting on the process, Kathy said:
‘It is the service and professionalism that makes us continue to use webrecruit. In addition to an account manager, I was assigned a very helpful and knowledgeable delivery point of contact who would look into roles that may have not been performing well and help to turn around the response. This proactive communication combined with the cost-savings has helped fill a number of vacancies.
‘I’d tried the job boards myself – but the response never seemed to hit the mark. I would be inundated with low quality CVs, and it proved to be too time-consuming, but I recognise the way the UK recruitment market is moving is online.
‘The nature of online recruitment means sometimes a role won’t fill immediately, and sometimes I will have to use a head hunter, but with webrecruit I’ve identified a service that’s great at filling particular roles.’
So what’s in store for webrecruit and Boohoo? Boohoo is continuing to cement their leading position within the fashion world and is still expanding. webrecruit is currently helping to fill a number of their vacancies, and is looking forward to future projects with the online fashion retailer.
If, like Boohoo, you are looking to find out how online recruitment can reduce your costs and target quality active and passive candidates, call us on 01392 829400 for a free consultation, or visit the website:

2 thoughts on “Case Study: Sourcing quality for the UK’s fastest growing online women’s fashion retailer

  1. Web Recruit on Reply

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for your comment! You’re right, when the fashion industry looks to recruit, they would definately benefit from using a service such as webrecruit that uses multiple sources such as CV databases and social media.


  2. Laura Davies on Reply

    I found this a very interesting article, and am now far more aware of the benefits of online recruitment. The fashion industry could definitely continue to benefit from this.

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