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Not to be missed on Google+

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

Constantly updated with new content, the advantages of a Google+ business page are becoming more and more evident. They may even be enough for a company to push through their reluctance and create yet another way to converse and engage with their target market.

But how do you capitalise on what sets Google+ business pages apart from standard user profiles? And how do you make sure the content you’re sharing is seen?

Well, it all comes down to structuring eye-catching, engaging, attractive and purposeful content. And using the tips we’ve collated from our own Google+ page, here’s how to do just that.

Create a title people will read

This is the difference between having your post read OR being skipped completely amidst the sea of content shared on Google+. See our title below: How to Use Google+ to Find a Job.






You can make your post stand out by keeping it short, using attention grabbing word and surrounding titles or keywords by inserting asterisk before and after to make it bold, for example *bold*.

Add a creative, catchy tagline

You’ve got the reader’s attention, now you need to briefly tell them why they should read your post. Succinctly sum up the overall benefits that this post provides. For example, ‘Webrecruit’s top 10 secrets to engage your audience using effective content’.

Describe & Summarise

This will be the main body of your post. Online readers spend seconds reading online content and a wall of text can completely put off a customer from reading your post, even when you’ve used the most eye catching title.

Based on this, break up your post with bullet points and headers: remembering to bold headlines (refer to point 1) and use italics where appropriate by inserting an underscore before and after the selected text, such as _insert text here_.

Add an image

A picture speaks a thousand words, and when it comes to your content, that cannot be truer if your image is relevant. Images add richness to your content, and make readers more willing to read a long article.

Ask questions

By including a call to action, such as asking questions or encouraging readers to comment on your post, you will generate engagement. Don’t forget to respond to the comments, this will show the reader you’re interested in what they have to say and lead to further engagement and networking opportunities in the future.


Share your post tactically

In order to attract high amounts of readers (and engagement), you need to share your post publicly.

This will enable readers to view your post, even if they haven’t added you to their circles, thus creating the opportunity for re-shares and more followers.



Tag people in your posts by typing + and then their name. This is another great way to add engagement to your content as they will receive a notification alerting them they have been tagged, and hopefully, they’ll choose to re-share it.







And last but not least, in Google+, you have the capacity to edit your posts and comments. A useful tool; as the creator of the post you can correct any unseen typos and also delete any irrelevant remarks to keep your discussions on the right track.


Despite the fact that Google+ is a lot like the more commonly noted social networking site Facebook, it is definitely not a copycat. Merging their search engine into one big social networking channel, what more do you need to be persuaded to jump on the Google+ wagon?

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