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The continued value of email marketing in online recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | April 12, 2013 | 0 Comments
HR Online RecruitmentFifteen to twenty years ago, most companies barely used email, and indeed the Internet, but now of course it is ubiquitous in day-to-day operations and a central part of most recruitment strategies.
Email marketing might seem a bit ‘old hat’ these days to some employers, however, it is worth looking into the past to see just how much it once changed the candidate sourcing landscape – and how it can still have a great impact today, explains webrecruit (
The current webrecruit package makes the most of every aspect of widely available online recruitment technology, from major databases to video interviews. With that in mind, it’s easy to forget the basic advantages of email marketing.
These days, mass email marketing is the norm, easier and less time-consuming than ever, with many embedded or associated software options that allow you to bulk mail straight from your database. The question is more whether this is a great idea in 2013 – and there are certain good and bad points to consider.
Email marketing has helped to make the individual phoning of hundreds of candidates a thing of the past when you are recruiting staff, and it also presents an obvious opportunity to portray your company in the most flattering light to potential future candidates. In this sense, email marketing makes plenty of sense as part of your wider SEO and branding strategies.
Sending out mass emails allows you to keep past unsuccessful candidates updated on the progress and state of your company, including telling them about any new positions that may arise. Many email marketing packages also collect vital metrics for determining the success of your campaign thus far, including how many of your emails are read and how many of those who read your emails click through to the company website.
However, if you are going to use mass emails as part of your staff recruitment process, the least that you can do is avoid them looking like mass emails, for the sake of your company reputation.
Email marketing tools exist that make it easier for you to send a large quantity of genuinely individual-looking emails, addressing the potential candidate by name and suggesting certain jobs on the basis of their own previous experience. It’s also important to maintain the same professional tone throughout the content of your emails, and a proofreader can iron out any damaging spelling or grammatical errors.
By informing yourself on these and the more technical aspects that may decrease the likelihood of potential candidates seeing or clicking on your company’s mass emails, you can add significant value to your recruitment advertising campaign, assisted by webrecruit’s ( other extensive candidate sourcing tools.

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