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Corporate Recruitment: 4 ways to get the best from your HR team

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 29, 2012 | 1 Comment

HR, Recruitment Advice, Corporate Recruitment, Corporate Recruitment, HiringIs your HR department giving your business a solid and reliable return on investment? In these times of belt tightening and number crunching, every company is seeking ways to maximise its ROI for every part of their business.

The recruitment process for large corporations can be tightened up through the creation of a few simple processes or the adaptation of existing ones. This will save money in the long-run and ensure that the right people and recruited for the right positions as and when they are needed.

Here is a checklist of points that will assist your corporation with its recruitment process:

Ensure your HR department is up-to-date

Having an HR department which is on top of the latest recruitment processes and thinking is a real asset to your corporation. Ensure department heads are thought leaders and have access to training and courses which will keep them ahead of the pack. Making sure that you have the capability to effective processes such as video interviewing is vital to your recruitment success. Recruitment is continually evolving and your HR function reflect the most recent updates.

Apply marketing principles to boost recruitment advertising

Adding links to your recruitment site or pages from social media profiles or advertisements will direct potential employees to the exact pages you want them to see. You will also be able to advertise roles and will have the opportunity to sell the benefits of working for your company.

Update your social media profiles

Ensure your corporation is present on social media platforms or create recruitment-specific profiles which will help candidates to find your company. LinkedIn can work incredibly well in this instance and has a huge database of talent waiting to be tapped into. Ensure there are links through to the recruitment pages of your website.

Employee referral systems

Implement a system whereby employees can identify people from outside your organisation who have the skills and ethic to succeed. This process can break the mould in that relatives can be utilised. However by using a bonus system and offering additional incentives for those who bring in the most effective hires, this can prove highly effective.

One thought on “Corporate Recruitment: 4 ways to get the best from your HR team

  1. Lorence Miller on Reply

    Recruitment process is the key role for development of the organization.So that way deal to recruitment is very important things.Which should base on the judge of the candidate skill and ability and talent, dedication for the organization.A best employ is good achiever for the organization so importance of the recruiting with proper is best effective.

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