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Why December is the new January: Recruiting before the New Year

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 30, 2011 | 2 Comments

Recruitment in DecemberJanuary 1st will see people up and down the country commit to their New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s signing up to the gym or searching for a new job – 2012 will signal fresh starts for all.

So surely this is a great time to start a recruitment drive?

We’d argue, not necessarily.

January is often considered the pivotal month in the recruitment calendar; with the perceived increase in candidate traffic making it the optimum time to hire staff.

The developments of 2011, however, have changed this with candidate activity increasing steadily as a result of factors including increasing unemployment and access to new job channels.

As a result, the benefits of bringing your hiring plans forward to December are stacking up, fast.

4 reasons to commence your recruitment campaign now

1. Snap up the great candidates – fast

Earlier this year the ONS shared some very interesting statistics, claiming 90% of people relevant and qualified for your role are in fact passive.

This means that to find these passive candidates you should be looking all year round. So why put it off another month?

2. Less competition

Your competitors will see January as a great time to start afresh, with people firmly on the agenda. If you leave your hiring until this time you could find yourself in a battle for talent – with the candidate interested in both parties.

3. New tools

Candidates are turning to new ways to find opportunities – the biggest success story being social media. Due to the nature in which they operate, this trend of job hunt isn’t seasonal and activity is high, particularly on LinkedIn, all year round.

4. Start 2012 with everything in place

There’s no denying 2012 is going to be tough, so why not hit the ground running with your team already in place at the start. Especially if you are a small business, this will free up much needed resources.

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2 thoughts on “Why December is the new January: Recruiting before the New Year

  1. Bill Andrews on Reply

    Well said! It is certainly an important lesson for client and also for consultants in the education of their clients. As an example, one of my old clients in Education would recruit and be fully staffed before any other school even contemplated looking for the start of the next term, and as a result always got to pick from the cream of the crop. Persuading even one client to do it and see positive results, also them gives you a point of reference to sell to other clients next time round. (Not that 90% will do anything more than nod in agreement and continue in the same practice, but 10% is still better than zero!)

  2. Bob Menlove on Reply

    Agreed. There are lots of roles out there. For the candidate I am finding opportunities but not good ones in Hampshire. For the recruiters, the best wont wait for Jan

    Give me a call

    0778054 6383

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