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3 great examples of using Pinterest to recruit

Written by Kimberley Startup | September 24, 2013 | 0 Comments
Pinterest-300x199Are you looking for more creative recruitment methods? Do you want to showcase your brand in more ways than in a run-of-the-mill job ad? Enter Pinterest.
Founded just three years ago, Pinterest now has over 70 million users, making it a social network not to ignore.
However, with many companies having their own Pinterest account, much fewer actually use it as a method to recruit staff.
So, what’s so special about Pinterest?
Pinterest allows you to create boards (like collages) of images and videos based around a certain topic. Whereas most job advertisements can only describe a company’s culture and benefits, Pinterest can actually show candidates where they’ll be working, who they’ll be working with and what they’ll be doing.
Although candidates aren’t able to apply for positions directly on Pinterest, images can be captioned with the link to the vacancy on your job site and labelled with hash tags to make them searchable.
So what exactly can you ‘pin’ on your page to help with your recruitment?
With the option to pin images on to multiple boards, the possibilities are endless. You can sell your working environment by snapping photographs of your swanky offices, upload videos of your staff saying how great it is to work for your company or display logos of any major clients that you’ve worked with.
Webrecruit have hunted down some of their favourite examples of companies who are currently using Pinterest to their recruiting advantage.

 1. Taco Bell (

Taco Bell has truly nailed its Pinterest recruitment strategy. With many companies just having a lone board to recruit for the odd position, Taco Bell has a comprehensive account dedicated entirely to careers.
‘Meet Our Recruiting Team!’ is the perfect board for applicants to see who’ll potentially be interviewing them and creates a much more personable feel.
‘Taco Bell + YOU’ provides a mixture of images and videos, featuring ‘a day in the life’ videos of employees who explain their role within the company. This is a great, interactive way of showing candidates what kind of work they’ll be undertaking.
Finally, boards such as ‘Taco Bell Olympics’ really highlight their company culture and show a fun side to the business.

2. Pizza Hut (

Pizza Hut also has a great careers page on Pinterest. Filled with images, interview tips and a board dedicated to the development of their staff, they also advertise vacancies using colourful info-graphics.
The info-graphic above is a snippet of a job advertisement for a Delivery Driver shown on Pizza Hut’s Pinterest boards. Keeping words to a minimum, it allows the images to do the talking and is a great way of grabbing the attention of potential candidates.

3. Aon (

Aon are an international company and feature a separate board for each location that they’re hiring in.
Each board really sells the location and talks about cultural events (check out the amazing Holi video on their India board), landmarks and anything that really sells the location as well as the job opportunity.
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Alternatively, if you have an amazing Pinterest careers page, let us know in the comments below.

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