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What Everyone Ought To Know About Executive Recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 26, 2013 | 0 Comments
HR Online RecruitmentBusiness growth inevitably requires taking on more senior people. But small companies tasked with delivering more for less, often find executive recruitment easily becomes a disruptive, costly and time-consuming process.
The requirement for smaller and stronger teams to drive a business forward means executive recruitment requires a more rigorous sourcing and selection procedure than ever before. But as a result, there is increasing pressure upon small business employees to deliver against their company’s recruitment needs.
Here are 6 key things everyone ought to know about executive recruitment to effectively bring on board the senior-skills required to kick your company up a gear.

Extensive knowledge of your business is imperative to successful executive recruitment.

Follow key media, research the latest news within your industry and take note of changes in your field to stay ahead of the game.

Recruiting an executive with a perfect skill set is only half of the challenge.

It’s no longer enough to hire a candidate based solely on their skills and experience. Today, cultural fit plays significant importance in how a new hire works out. Is their ambition and motivation aligned with your company’s?

LinkedIn is a business network powerhouse.

A large proportion of influential and sought-after executives use LinkedIn, allowing you to make contact and begin building invaluable relationships.

Senior professionals with a good track record will expect to be paid well.

Use a salary checker or look at job postings for similar roles to the one you’re advertising and ensure your salary matches the industry standard.

Top executive candidates have other options.

Market what’s great about your organisation, team and the specific opportunity on offer.  If you’re chasing a top senior candidate, it’s unlikely you’re the only employer interested in hiring them.

Retained recruitment agencies were made for executive recruitment.

Using a retained search agency, like webrecruit, works well if you want to recruit executives employed by competitors, wish to look for candidates not actively seeking a new opportunity or expect difficulties filling the role.
Whilst executive recruitment may seem like a daunting process, by following these steps, you should have an added advantage and genuine opportunity to identify the best senior talent for your team.

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