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What forms of online recruitment can you choose from?

Written by Kimberley Startup | October 16, 2013 | 1 Comment
smes-using-social-media-300x199So, you’ve realised that your more traditional means of recruitment advertising aren’t attracting the quality of candidates that you require, and are now contemplating the apparent high cost-effectiveness of digital recruitment. But what are the most cost-effective digital recruitment forms of all? Allow Webrecruit ( to guide you through them.
Job fairs, for example, have fully embraced digital in recent years, allowing for candidates and those looking to recruit staff to get to know each other in a way that minimises the expense and time of travel. The virtual environments allows for contact between a wider geographical range of candidates and companies.
In addition, CVs can be examined electronically in a virtual job fair, with only the most suitable prospects then being invited to interview – which cuts waste. Nor does pre-screening need to take as much time, as in the case of the best virtual fairs, invitations to attend will have only been sent to the most relevant, quality and interested candidates.
Social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are also heavily used for recruiting staff, as they allow firms to screen candidates without being screened themselves. They can observe a candidate’s behaviour on social media, including relations with others, values and handling of conflict, to determine whether they might be the right cultural fit to their company.
Employers can also better market themselves to job seekers via recruiting blogs, showing their everyday company operations and dynamism, including their take on many major issues. It presents a more lively, personal face of the company, rather than simply giving prospective candidates a largely unchanging chunk of information on the main website.
Recruiting blogs also allow for firms to post job advertisements instantly and receive immediate responses, perhaps giving candidates the chance to converse with the actual person behind the opportunity prior to submitting an application. That has to be much more compelling than directing them to a bland email address.
Then there are the online recruitment sites and recruitment agencies. The former may field the latest vacancies and CVs, allowing recruiters to search by skills, education and experience. A recruitment agency, however, can give employers an even more tailored service.
Webrecruit, for example, offers a series of staff recruitment packages at a low fixed fee, embracing the best in relevant job board advertising, CV database searching, branded LinkedIn posting options, applicant response management, screening and interviewing options, online skills testing and so much more.
Visit Webrecruit ( now to learn more about our complete online recruitment service, which finds you the right talent at the right price.

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