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Free download: The Recruitment Technology Buyer’s Checklist

Written by Kimberley Startup | June 5, 2014 | 0 Comments
Lots-of-technologyAre you fed up of manually managing your recruitment process? If the answer is yes, we strongly advise that you begin taking steps towards investing in recruitment technology for your HR team.
But with new recruitment technology solutions popping up at a growing rate, knowing where to begin can be a challenge; who can deliver the best solution and whose system is best for you? And, if you already have a solution in place, are you confident it is delivering what you require?
A recruitment technology solution has the ability to set you free from the hours spent updating multiple spreadsheets and maintaining overflowing inboxes. With the capability to generate internal talent pools, integrate with your social media platforms and deliver automated responses to applications, the list of benefits that an enterprise level recruitment technology solution can deliver is highly impressive.
When it comes to investing in recruitment technology, many of the questions buyers ask fall along the same lines as, ‘how do I search through the candidates that apply for our roles?’ and ‘what reports can be generated?’However, there are also questions around customer support and implementation that need to be answered before commencing with any recruitment technology solution.
With the launch of Fusion, Webrecruit’s recruitment technology solution, earlier this year, the team have found themselves asked a whole wealth of questions from busy HR professionals seeking to ease their busy workloads.
The team at Webrecruit understand that the process of researching and investing in recruitment technology can become tiresome with so many questions to consider.
Therefore, to make this process easier for HR professionals, the team at Webrecruit have compiled a list of some of the key questions you need to be asking in this handy buyer’s checklist.
When you begin shopping around (and definitely before you sign on the dotted line), download The Recruitment Technology Buyer’s Checklist from Webrecruit and use the list of important questions as an aid when buying your recruitment technology solution.

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