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It’s Game On for Recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | July 6, 2012 | 4 Comments

Using gamification for recruitmentThe challenge of attracting, recruiting, developing and engaging employees and prospective candidates to your company isn’t all fun and games, is it?

It’s too easy to write gamification off as another craze. After all, it brings to mind images of a very unproductive workforce sitting at their desks playing video games, rather than real work, right?

Wrong. Gamification is not about turning everything into a game. As the latest buzzword in the recruitment industry, gamification is the use of game attributes to drive game-like behaviour in a non-game context and applying it to everyday business tasks.

The theory is that by using the same principles and mechanics that inspire people to play games, such as status and rewards, businesses can driver deeper engagement and use this to attract and retain employees. The principles of gamification could also improve staff and business processes by increasing creativity, learning, participation and motivation.

Many companies are already jumping on the wagon, including Pepsi, who launched a marketing campaign which allowed consumers to design the look of a can and Cisco Systems who enabled individuals using collaborative technologies to create innovative business plans that were used internally.

So how can gamification help your organisation to better recruit, train and engage workers? Here are five reasons how and why you should play the game:

Increased Employee Engagement: The growing interest in gamification stems from a desire to increase engagement levels among employees. As such, it encourages openness and a system of reward and recognition in the workplace: an important aspect of attracting and retaining star employees .

Gamification taps into our Competitive Side: The more we play a game, the more engaged we become, feel a greater sense of accomplishment, and ultimately, the more willing we are to go the extra mile. Apply this to the work environment and you could see more sales calls being made or increased customer queries responded to.

Learning & Development: Gamification enables you to implement real-life situations experienced within your company within a controlled environment. For example, if you’re looking to train internal members, you could create a virtual environment for a situation that would be too expensive, dangerous or large to execute on a regular basis, such as constructing a plane.

Increased Brand Awareness: It’s a hiring challenge to keep talent engaged and interested in your brand. Yet the influence of gamification and the desire it creates to connect on a global level, keeps those companies that utilise it, one step ahead of the game by being more attractive to potential candidates.

Engaged Talent Pools: As companies build their own recruitment databases through their social platforms, they can use creative games to show others what it’s really like to work for their business, source talent and reward as necessary. For example, if you’re looking for a data entry clerk, create a game that offers a point for every correctly entered line of data, and the winner, could be your perfect applicant.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your company brand, build talent pools or increase employee engagement, gamification certainly has the potential to improve many aspects of a business.

Whilst there is still a way to go before we see scalable gamification recruitment solutions, the rise of digital technology and traditional methods seemingly drawing a blank, it is a natural shift within the recruitment landscape. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2014, more than 70% of Global 2,000 organisations will have at least one “gamified” application. Will you play the game too?

If you’re looking to read more about gamification, check out ‘Is crowdsourcing shaping the future of recruitment’ and ‘Is gamification the next big thing in recruitment?’.

4 thoughts on “It’s Game On for Recruitment

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  2. Savitri on Reply

    Really nice article never heard before as a job hunter we should be ready for such task hopefully we will enjoy and reduce the interview tension. Thanks

  3. Leona Matson on Reply

    Hi Carly. Thanks for your comments. It’s great to hear of people who have partaken and benefitted from doing so. I think it could certainly be a possibility for the future of recruitment as companies strive to engage with their audience and compete for the global talent.

  4. Carly on Reply

    I have taken part in interview “games” before, and I have to say they make me feel more at ease with the process. It feels as though everyone can contribute on a level playing field – this allows me to show more of myself, as well as to actually enjoy the experience.

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