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The virtual DNA trail: getting to know your candidates

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 30, 2012 | 1 Comment
sales team (2)Did you know more than 1.5 billion people now use social networking sites? And, almost one in five hours is spent on these platforms?
As such, it’s not uncommon for companies to now leverage social media to help them get informed opinions, monitor trends, generate new customer insights, and increasingly, recruit.
As a relatively new concept, the following post is based on Matthew Jeffrey’s latest article ‘Recruitment 5.0 The Future of Recruiting – the Final Chapter’.
Continually pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in social recruiting, Matthew suggests leveraging social platforms for the benefit of hiring by ‘data profiling’ and ‘footprints in the cloud’.
A 2-page CV is no longer considered enough to assess an individual’s personality, talents, skills and passions. In some cases, neither is an interview. Their polished personality is ready to go and they are well-rehearsed. Yet understanding a person and who they really are is paramount to a company’s success.
The cost to a business of making a wrong hire can be as much as five times the employee’s annual salary. Consider the time and resources wasted – it’s this that companies want to avoid.
If we deem that people are not putting on an act over social media and speaking their mind, surely using the information available on these sites can bring us one step closer to achieving that?
It may sound like a relatively new concept, but aspects of data profiling are already resonating today.
Take LinkedIn as an example. If wanted, hiring managers have access to an overabundance of data of individual candidates, such as:
– skills, experience, training & development
– education, references & career progression
– interests and associations via group membership
– the comments they’ve made within those groups
– what they’ve read
– what they’ve shared
– their likes, and their network
I’m sure many of you are already questioning the legality, privacy and ethicality of such techniques. But the theory is not advocating these principles.
The way people communicate is a clue about a person’s mind and it can tell you a lot about how they think. For a business, it’s paramount they get to know their candidates passions and motivations to help align their talents with what’s possible in their company.  After all, what makes an organisation truly successful is having a team who cares about making a difference.
Whilst it will be interesting to see how this plays out, getting to know our candidates through their ‘footprint in the cloud’ is a logical step in helping us make better assessments and more informed decisions.
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One thought on “The virtual DNA trail: getting to know your candidates

  1. Jon Davey on Reply

    I guess it then comes down to… is it better to day something or nothing at all?

    If you have an independent mind, are you doomed to failure from the start for daring to be different and will the candidate who doesn’t expose their true self online but simply schmoozes the panel and goes home to stick pins in a doll win the day?

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