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Hire the right person by asking about job structure and work style

Written by Guest Author | September 18, 2014 | 0 Comments
Judges on interview panelWhether it’s HR, IT, engineering or marketing recruitment that you’re involved in, you’ll want to get your next hire right first time around. After all, research suggests that just one wrong recruit could cost you thousands of pounds a year.
Teams are less productive and shoulders slump when the wrong person is in the office. It goes without saying that the right interview questions can be vital to hiring the right person, but these need to extend way beyond simple industry knowledge and work experience.
That’s because you also need to pick someone whose work preferences are perfectly suited to the position.
Why is work style so important? 
You want your next hire to be with you for many years to come, right? For that reason alone, you need to choose someone with the right work style. A person whose style doesn’t fit their job will soon be browsing the jobs classifieds for a new post.
Ask the following questions to determine whether your job structure and the candidate’s work style really are the perfect match.

1. What is your preferred work style?

The holy grail is always an employee who works swiftly without compromising quality and accuracy. Ask this question to help you determine what environment would suit the candidate best.

2. Do you prefer working alone or as part of a team? 

Some posts demand lots of working as part of a group, while others require a lot more independent, unsupervised work. You’ll need to ensure your next hire will do well in the environment that you’re offering.

3. How do you manage workplace stress? 

Stress management is a vital skill for any employee – they should be able to master it without any adverse effect on productivity and co-worker harmony. Request specific examples of when the person in question felt stressed at work, and how they relieved it.

4. How would your former colleagues describe your work style?

A candidate may think at first that they’re an independent worker, only to then think again and realise that their best work was done in a team setting. This question helps to uncover how your job applicant truly worked in their last role.

5. When are you most productive?

Are you interviewing someone who thrives most in a standard Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 work structure? Or do they deliver best when there’s a less stringent structure, working a few hours at a time? Whatever times they prefer, you’ll need to ask whether you can accommodate this in your post.
These aren’t the only job structure and work style questions that you could ask, but they can definitely make a big difference to the success of your next IT, HR, engineering or marketing recruitment campaign.

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