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How and why your HR department should embrace social media

Written by Guest Author | September 29, 2015 | 0 Comments
Social media, recruitment softwareSocial media isn’t something to be left to your marketing team – it should also be fully utilised by your HR personnel for everything from the posting of recruitment adverts to the sounding out of passive candidates.
Here at Webrecruit, we offer our own recruitment software – Fusion – that incorporates modules for the most popular social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and there’s a good reason for that.
Your HR department should never underestimate the value that social media can have for not only the initial hiring of a new employee, but also so many of your company’s other day-to-day activities.

Social media – your companion in the recruitment front line

The advantages of social media for recruitment have been stated often enough, but we’ll say them again: there’s simply nothing better for the convenient posting of job adverts and getting them noticed by as many relevant people as possible.
Post links to your latest vacancies on all of your company’s social media profiles, and if you aren’t getting the response that you desire, have a sift through your social media followers and see who could have the relevant skills and experience for the position.
Does the candidate that you are considering also show the attitude that would make them a great fit for your company culture? If so, message them and begin that relationship – adding them to your talent pool if they aren’t available or suitable for your vacancy right now.

A key tool in modern employer branding

If there’s one reason why your HR and marketing departments should work together, it is the effectiveness of social media in helping to make your company a more desirable place to work.
Use your company Facebook or Twitter profile to show off your team members and all of the great things that they get up to each day.
If your firm is ever talked about for the wrong reasons online – perhaps because of a customer complaint or other controversy – use your social media profile for ‘fire-fighting’ purposes that minimise any long-term damage to your brand.
Remember that a powerful company social media presence doesn’t cease to be of use to the HR department once you have recruited, given its value for communicating with employees and monitoring their activities.
Talk to Webrecruit today about recruitment software that can really turbo-charge your hiring in today’s social media age!

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