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How do finance candidates search for jobs?

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 7, 2012 | 2 Comments
How-do-finance-look-for-jobs-300x225Looking to take on a finance hire but unsure where to start?
Understanding where and how finance and accountancy candidates search for opportunities is of paramount importance. Not only can you improve your hiring process, but you will also know what platforms are best when it comes to advertising and sharing your roles.
If you’re not aware of where your ideal candidates look for jobs, it’s likely you’re wasting valuable time and resources.
Based on the results of webrecruit’s latest survey, here is the lowdown on where, how and why finance and accountancy professionals look for jobs.


The study found job boards were still a firm favourite when it comes to searching for vacancies with 74% using the major boards, such as Totaljobs and Monster. In addition, 37% use industry specific job boards, such as GAAPweb.
LinkedIn is reaffirming its value for attracting talent with 49% of respondents using it to search for opportunities. 10% use other social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.
26% speak with friends, family and other contacts to find out about potential job openings and 20% look for opportunities at networking events. 9% mentioned other resources they use to find jobs, such as approaching the company directly.


Unsurprisingly, 73% of finance and accountancy candidates use the keyword function to search for vacancies when using recruitment sites. Based on this, using searched for terms within your vacancy is paramount, especially if you’re looking for someone with a specific skill-set.
63% search by the location function, 51% search by title and 28% search by salary when they’re looking for new opportunities.


The survey also looked into what attracted finance and accountancy professionals most when searching for vacancies and what makes them apply.
In order of what attracts them most, 37% of candidates look for opportunities offering career progression prospects. 21% will look at what the role entails to help them decide whether it’s a job they would like to do.
Just 15% are attracted by the salary, followed by 10% looking for training opportunities and 8% influenced by the company’s brand identity. 5% look for support towards future qualifications and 4% of respondents are attracted to a position by its benefits package.


With the war for talent only becoming fiercer, attracting finance and accountancy talent to your business can be a challenge.
But by understanding where and why these candidates search for vacancies, companies can improve their hiring process and target their recruitment messages.
Webrecruit’s extensive database of finance and accountancy professionals and ability to expose your vacancy to 100,000s of high quality active and passive candidates – fast, places us in the best position to fulfil your finance recruitment needs.
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2 thoughts on “How do finance candidates search for jobs?

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