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How do you get candidates interested in a mundane job?

Written by Guest Author | February 6, 2018 | 0 Comments
Recruitment advertising agencySometimes, you may fear that there are certain openings at your company with which even the most sophisticated recruitment advertising agency can’t help you. They’re just too lame, uninteresting low-paying jobs, to which all of the usual talk about employer branding and candidate personas may seem barely applicable.
The good news is that there are definitely good, practical ways to make even the most ‘dead end’ job seem intriguing. Here are some of the best of them.

Give the candidate something to look forward to

Sure, you may not be able to disguise the sheer humdrum nature of the job you’re advertising, and nor would you necessarily wish to do so. After all, you won’t want to attract people who expect the role to offer rather more than it actually does.
However, even if the job pays very little and offers almost no discernible benefits, you could still give the prospective applicant something to look forward to – perhaps free drinks in the break room or the freedom to wear what they wish or listen to their own music in the warehouse or office.

Emphasise that it’s not ‘just a desk job’

This technique works best, of course, when the job really isn’t ‘just a desk job’. Such a role may be one that involves a lot of time spent outside, for example. In that case, the job is likely to appeal to many an ‘outdoorsy’ or physical type, even if they can’t expect overly generous remuneration.

Introduce meaning to a job lacking meaning

It may seem ‘in vogue’ these days for employers to pitch their open roles as being more significant than they genuinely are, but it’s true that almost any job helps to benefit the world in some way.
Whether the job feeds people, helps to protect our precious environment or makes people’s day-to-day lives easier, there’s always meaning to be found in even the most apparently meaningless role.

Offer as many little benefits as possible

Fair enough, so a company car or healthcare plan is out of the question. But it’s still possible to advertise a series of benefits with the mundane job that won’t exactly set back your firm much.
There may be a lot of flexibility on offer in terms of where and when your employee works, or there may be scope to job share. Or maybe you could simply talk up the low-cost or free food, or the lack of need for phone work, computer skills or face-to-face customer interaction?
The possibilities really are almost endless. Why not get in touch with the premier recruitment advertising agency Webrecruit today, to find out more about how you can add a bit of glamour and ‘magic dust’ to even the most seemingly unappetising vacancy?

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