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How do you keep your company culture the same as your business grows?

Written by Guest Author | June 27, 2017 | 0 Comments
Company cultureYou might think there’s little point trying to ‘control’ or ‘preserve’ company culture. After all, culture is a fluid and changeable thing, right? Wouldn’t it be best to just allow it to evolve naturally as your company grows and past and new employees past through your revolving door?
The truth is, though, that there are real benefits to taking an intentional approach to your company culture and attempting to preserve its most important elements over time. Talented candidates are attracted to companies that have a great culture, as are potential clients and customers.
After all, your company culture isn’t some kind of fluffy extra – it’s absolutely fundamental to how your business is run, the service provided to its customers and the atmosphere in which your employees work. It’s certainly something that you need to factor into your recruitment process management.
So, what are the things that you need to do to preserve a great company culture?

First of all… what is your company culture?

A lot of organisations are aware these days of the importance of setting out their values. You may have seen lists of values on company websites, talking about how the firm in question seeks to provide a great customer service, embrace and drive change and build a positive team spirit.
You should certainly be formalising your own company’s values. However, the danger is that those values may end up as the equivalent of a dusty plaque on the wall – something forgotten-about amid day-to-day worries about assignment deadlines and the ‘bottom line’.
This is why it’s so crucial that all of your team members – including those in charge of your recruitment process management – talk about those values and live by them. It certainly means making major company decisions with your firm’s values expressly in mind.

An intentional approach is key

Not all of the advice that might be given about how to create a great company culture may necessarily be applicable to your firm and its circumstances.
What is ultimately most important is that whatever values and culture you feel will most drive success for your business, you must take an intentional approach. You need to be clear about both what your business stands for, and what that means in day-to-day practice.
When you create a company culture that says all of the right things about your brand and is embraced by enthusiastic, empowered employees, the effects for your recruitment process management and the results that come from it could be extremely positive indeed.

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