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How to Audit your Application Form Process (Candidate Experience)

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 8, 2014 | 0 Comments
Audit your recruitment application formSo your recruitment advert is live and you’re patiently waiting for your applications to arrive, but what do you do if the response rate isn’t as high as you were hoping?
Did your recruitment agency not position your role correctly? Is your job advert not enticing enough? Are you using the wrong job boards? It could potentially be one of these reasons, or even a combination of them. But along with re-looking at these areas, stop and ask yourself, how easy is it for candidates to complete your application form?
Many businesses opt for using an application form, as they provide a structured set up for capturing all the relevant data needed from candidates. But, when you built your application form, did you consider how simple it is to complete?
Long and lengthy application processes can be a serious hindrance for busy jobseekers and could potentially result in missing out on candidates who find it too time consuming.
Prior to launching your recruitment campaign with your recruitment agency it is important to always remember to audit your application form from a candidate’s point of view.
Below are Webrecruit’s top 5 ways to audit your application forms:

1. What do you really need to know

An application form is your opportunity to get the relevant information you require from your candidates. When determining what information you require, ensure you consider it carefully.
It can be tempting to try and find out as much as possible straight away, but by asking too many questions at the first stage you run the risk of putting off candidates.

2. Screen, but don’t get carried away

Not every candidate who applies for your role will be suitable for the position. Consider having a simple first round of filtering elements on your first application form; this will aid you to begin screening candidates early on.
But initially keep it simple to avoid question overload. You can always add the option to invite selected candidates to complete a second set of selection questions, based on their first round answers.

3. Communicate clearly and confirm

Recruitment agencies often recommend keeping your questions and use of language simple and clear, to ensure your application form is easy to digest, but are they also able to assist you with automated responses?
As well as making your application clear to understand, it is equally as important to ensure candidates are reassured that their application has been successfully received.
Many job application forms will include an onscreen confirmation message. Additionally, an automated email confirmation is an excellent way of reassuring your candidates should they have any technical glitches at the final stages.

4. Time is of the essence

How often have your heard someone use the expression ‘There are simply not enough hours in the day’? Everybody has things that eat into their time, and this is the same for your candidates.
Dig out a stopwatch, hit go and work through your application form from start to finish and then review how long it took. Ideally, try and get someone who has never seen your form before to take the practice run.
Webrecruit recommends the full process shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes and ideally less if possible.

5. Don’t forget your mobile audience

How many good candidates are you losing out on by not having a mobile optimised recruitment process? Having an application form that is functional on a mobile device is a great chance to get ahead of the competition and capture jobseekers browsing on the go. For further information on mobile recruitment technology, read our recent guide ‘7 Must-Haves for Mobile Optimised Recruitment Technology’
As a recruitment agency with over 13 years’ experience of engaging with candidates, the team at Webrecruit have worked closely with thousands of clients aiding them in the creation of application forms that capture candidates and deliver a streamlined candidate experience.
To discover more about Webrecruit and our recruitment solutions, request a brochure today.

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