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How to Give Your Recruitment Advertising a Competitive Edge

Written by Holly Watson | February 3, 2016 | 0 Comments
online recruitment advertisingWith unemployment at its lowest rate for seven years, targeted and effective online recruitment advertising is more than important than ever.
Add a national skills shortage into the mix and HR and recruitment professionals are facing a challenging time as they compete with other businesses to attract top talent.
We recently caught up with one of our clients, Openingz, and spoke to its Director, Abigail Brown, about the challenges facing her business and the brands it represents.
“It’s a real fight out there at the moment, and brands need to do everything they
can to appeal to candidates. That’s why it’s important to ensure that recruitment campaigns are written and positioned in such a way to attract applicants,” Abigail says.
(If you’re interested in learning more about how we helped Openingz to give their clients’ campaigns a competitive edge, read our case study)
So, how can you ensure that your recruitment advertising campaigns have got the edge over your competitors? We take a look at three steps you can take to give your business the best possible chance at attracting the talent you need.

1. Communicate what sets you apartonline recruitment advertising

Each company is unique in terms of its employees, values and overall culture so make sure that you show your individuality in your job advert.
Don’t worry – you don’t have to have a casual dress code, bean bags and a ping pong table in your office. Do you offer flexible working? Are you a genuinely nice bunch of people to work with? Or will candidates be given real scope for progression and development?
It’s important to communicate the unique aspects of your business to candidates as early in the recruitment process as possible. Not only will it paint an honest portrait of your business but it will also help to attract the right candidates, who will actually enjoy working for your company as well as meeting the criteria for the role.
Remember to sell yourself just as much as you sell your vacancy. After all – there could be 100 different companies advertising for a new Marketing Manager but it’s what your business can offer candidates that it likely to set you apart from the others.

online recruitment advertising2. Reach the right people

So you’ve put together an advert that you feel reflects your business and sells you in the right way. But how can you be sure that the right people are seeing it?
Targeting your campaign is vital. To do this, get into the mindset of your ideal candidate. Where are they likely to be looking for a new job? Or will they even be actively seeking new employment?
For example, if you’re looking to hire a Developer, due to the high demand for their skills, your ideal candidate most likely won’t be actively searching for a role. Therefore, think about sharing your vacancy on an industry site, such as Stack Overflow, and get your vacancy on the radar of those all-important passive candidates.
Also, consider using specialist job boards to advertise your vacancies that are tailored to a particular industry sector.

3. Consider the candidate experienceonline recruitment advertising

Attracting the right candidates doesn’t just stop with your job advert. Think about your application process.
It’s important to keep your application process as simple as possible and place the candidate experience at the forefront of your mind at all times. Make sure that the process is aligned with your employer brand. For example, don’t put together a simplistic, no-frills advert and then have a 20 question long application form with confusing, long-winded questions.
A great candidate experience will create a favourable impression of your company, which will put you in good stead when the time comes for candidates to decide whether they want to accept your offer. Likewise a poor candidate experience can leave applicants feeling negative about your business and they might even drop out of the application process.
Find out more about how to master your candidate attraction strategy by downloading our latest guide, The 2016 Guide to Online Recruitment Advertising.

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