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How to instil loyalty in your Millennial workers

Written by Guest Author | December 7, 2015 | 0 Comments
recruiting staffMillennial employees – roughly classified as those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s – have an unfortunate reputation for disloyalty in the workplace. These staffers, or so the legend says, are constantly looking for that next big stimulation.
If you are continually recruiting staff from this generation, only to see them leave your company just a year or two later, don’t just offer them bigger salaries to make them stay. The following tips may be better ways to keep them by your side.

Be a great boss!

Those darned Millennials… they just have no respect for their elders. Actually, that’s not quite true – they can respect their bosses as much as any other generation of worker, as long as such respect is earned. Millennials don’t want to be micro-managed – they want to be trusted and inspired by a boss who recognises their potential. If you respect them, they will respect you – which will persuade them to stick around.

Make them feel valued

Related to the above point, the typical Millennial won’t spend their careers feeling thankful that you gave them a job – before too long, they will want to know what contribution they can make to help power your firm towards its goals. So make sure they feel valued right from the start, by including them in decisions, seeking out their opinions and giving them a sense of genuine power in the workplace.

Help them to learn and develop themselves

Millennials definitely want more than just a wage – they want to get excited about what the future holds for them at your company. Offering them significant learning, development and career opportunities is a massive part of that. Millennial workers aren’t motivated by learning for the sake of it – they want to be your business’s future managers and team leaders, so be sure to promote them and hand them further responsibilities as they acquire new skills.

Give them immediate feedback

Linked to the Millennial’s urge to develop themselves is what may seem like an insatiable thirst for feedback. It is important to appreciate that for many people from this increasingly workplace-dominant generation, a half-yearly or yearly review may not be good enough – they want to know how they are doing right now, so that they can make quick adjustments to their way of working.
Millennials may seem a little more narcissistic and self-entitled than past generations of workers, but this simply reflects their need to feel they are important and valued within your company. Treat them the right way, giving them something much grander to be motivated by than a simple pay cheque, and the typical Millennial will reward you in spades.

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