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How to make your company seem employee-friendly

Written by Guest Author | October 12, 2015 | 0 Comments
Recruitment companyWhat was your first ever job? Did it involve working in a dirty office, perhaps as part of a two-man band, without a lot of the technological or other luxuries than many workers now take for granted?
So many people, if quizzed, would say many positive things about their first job that they wouldn’t be able to say about some of their subsequent roles – even if that first job was in less-than-glamorous surroundings, or they weren’t even being paid much.
Why is that? In all likelihood, it’s because there were other aspects of the job that made them feel valued and purposeful. They might have enjoyed hours of stimulating chat with their work colleagues in the pub each Friday evening, or exchanged jokes while they worked. Maybe their boss allowed them to take a spontaneous day off if they caught up with work in the evenings.
What we’re trying to say with all of these things, is that it pays to give your company a human face – or even more pertinently, the face of a company that actually cares about its employees.

The employee ‘perks’ that really work in 2015

These days, of course, the average recruitment company in Leeds knows all about home working, flexible hours and open-plan office spaces that blur the traditional boundaries between work and play. Small and large firms alike are realising that people who feel good in body and mind are more productive, motivated and high-achieving employees.
These things can all help to build a relationship with your employees that keeps them from defecting. They are all also things that can be incorporated into your employer brand – talked about on your social media pages, shared on your blogs and referred to throughout the candidate experience – to make your firm look like a truly brilliant place to work.
But making your company actually appear employee friendly isn’t just about allowing your employees to work at times to suit them, or even paying them more. It’s about viewing employee happiness as centrally important to the success of your company, so that the ‘fun’ stuff isn’t just something that you do now and then, but instead a key plank of your company culture.
Achieve that, and you really will have the ‘family’ atmosphere in your business that will have employees sticking with you for longer.

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