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How to spot these 3 potential problem candidates

Written by Guest Author | November 23, 2015 | 0 Comments
Recruitment agency, ExeterMost employers that have worked extensively with a recruitment agency in Exeter will probably be familiar with the phenomenon of the ‘good hire gone bad’: the person who looked like a brilliant recruit on their CV and in the interview room, but who quickly turned out to be anything but on the actual job.
It’s one thing to learn from bad experiences of recruits who didn’t live up to their promise, but it’s also a very costly way to learn, in more ways than one. How, then, can you spot three of the most common types of ‘problem candidate’ before you hire them?

1. The candidate who is merely ‘great on paper’

This is the candidate who seems to have the exact experience, background and skills that your company needs – when you look at their CV, anyway. But when you take them on, they suddenly can’t back up their bluster with consistently strong performances.
To root out this type of candidate, put them to the test by subjecting them to a job simulation that enables them to demonstrate the skills that they claim to possess. In doing so, you might even uncover other skills that they weren’t very aware of or told you about.

2. The candidate who drains your resources

This candidate is similar to the ‘great on paper’ candidate, in that they seem to be brilliantly promising at the candidacy stage, only to then prove a great drain on your resources in the actual job. They may be poorly motivated, for example, which forces you to keep talking to or disciplining them, or you may have to constantly retrain them due to poor all-round job performance.
Identify this candidate with a personality assessment that picks out the character traits that can be difficult to spot on a CV or in an interview.

3. The candidate who is just too competitive

What hiring manager doesn’t want to see competitiveness and drive in a candidate? However, these candidates show that you can have too much of a good thing, their intensely competitive nature potentially leading them to hector, yell at and generally alienate their co-workers, contributing to a hostile workplace.
Personality tests, job simulations and references can all be invaluable here for ensuring that the supremely driven candidate you have on your hands is also capable of being friendly towards and cooperating with colleagues towards a group goal.
Talk to Webrecruit about how our own resources and expertise as a recruitment agency in Exeter can help to ensure you land the most suitable candidate for your vacancy first time out.

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