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Challenges facing HR when it comes to recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | September 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

Recruitment, online recruitment, hiring challenges, human resources, HRAn organisation’s Human Resources department has many responsibilities, from the issuing of contracts to selection, retention and dispute resolution.

Here, the UK’s leading online recruitment firm webrecruit ( looks at some of the challenges facing HR when it comes to recruitment.

A vital role
The importance of the role of recruiting staff within an organisation should not be understated. Keeping a steady supply of suitable candidates from which to recruit the right employees forms a stable and productive workforce, which is the lifeblood of any company. If HR fails to meet its company’s recruitment objectives then all other investments in the business (financial, operational, in infrastructure, etc.) could come to nothing. That’s because competitors who have understood the vital role recruitment has to play can secure the best talent, solidify its workforce and use this foundation to win market share.

Just as the needs of any business change, so does its recruitment objectives. HR departments must use strategic forward planning, not just filling current vacancies but anticipating future needs based on the analysis of human resource requirements. Taking a medium- to long-term view on staff recruitment is essential in order for a workforce to grow effectively within an ever-changing organisation.

Recruiting options
Gone are the days when recruitment advertising was simply a case of putting a ‘Help Wanted’ ad in the local paper. These days there are many recruiting options for HR to consider, from fully outsourcing the role to a recruitment agency to consulting with recruitment experts before creating a recruitment campaign to be managed in-house. Not only could the right recruitment option change from organisation to organisation, but it could even change from department to department, from position to position, so it pays for HR to keep all options in mind.

Keeping up with technology/trends
In relation to considering all recruiting options, HR must keep up with ever-changing technology and trends. This could mean learning how to harness the power of online recruitment by hiring a recruitment expert in this field or leveraging the latest social media craze for recruiting purposes. The likelihood is, a company’s competitors are keeping up with changing technology/trends so HR can’t afford to be left behind.

Find out more about how your company’s HR department can face these challenges and more through the use of online recruitment at the webrecruit website:

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