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5 HR recruitment resolutions for 2014

Written by Kimberley Startup | December 17, 2013 | 0 Comments
2014-243x300For HR and recruitment departments across the country, the beginning of a new year can signal a time of change.
With many people adopting a ‘new year – new job search’ mentality, January is often a prime time to attract a whole series of talented candidates.
So as 2014 fast approaches, now is the perfect opportunity to evaluate and re-vamp your HR recruitment strategy and put into action those resolutions that will attract the right candidates and help your business to grow.
As such, Webrecruit have compiled a list of five key New Year’s resolutions for today’s hiring manager.
1. Build your own talent pool
When a valued member of staff decides to move on to pastures new, it’s tricky to even know where to begin when looking for a replacement. Having a ready-made talent pool of candidates that you know have all the relevant skills and experience that you’re looking for makes things a lot easier and will lessen your HR recruitment woes.
For guidance on creating a talent pool, download Webrecruit’s free guide, ‘How to build your own talent pool’, by clicking here.
2. Work on retaining your employees
In 2012, two thirds of organisations reported that they had difficulty retaining their employees, according to the CIPD.
So, are your employees truly happy at work? Hold regular catch-ups, encourage training and development sessions and create a positive working environment that will encourage your top performers to stick with you.
3. Make sure you’re paying your employees the right amount
With salaries varying drastically between job sectors and geographical locations, it can be hard to know whether you’re overpaying or underpaying your employees. However, getting the salary right for a position not only means that you’ll have a greater chance of retaining your staff, you’ll also be more likely to attract the right level of candidates for your latest vacancy.
Webrecruit have produced a range of free salary-checkers that cover each industry sector, including HR. Find out how much you should be paying your HR staff by clicking here.
4. Utilise social media    
LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are all fantastic tools for not only promoting your company but for engaging with potential employees.
Having a strong social media presence will allow you access to a wider audience, giving you a greater chance of finding your ideal candidate.
Social media is also a great tool for boosting your employer brand; if you don’t already have one, why not consider implementing a social media recruitment strategy?
Download Webrecruit’s social media recruitment checklist here to get you on your way.
5. Attract the right candidates
Attracting candidates of the right level can sometimes be the biggest challenge of all. Often, the best place to start is by creating an effective job advertisement at the beginning of your recruitment campaign.
Make sure that you get the basics right (title, location and salary) and that the experience and skills you’re asking for runs in line with the responsibilities and salary of the role. Lastly, don’t forget to sell your company and the role itself. After all, that’s what an advert is for.
Having trouble with your HR recruitment strategy? Let Webrecruit do the hard work for you. Find out how we can help your recruitment needs by clicking here.

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