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Is your employer brand good enough to attract the best candidates?

Written by Guest Author | September 7, 2015 | 0 Comments
Brand and recruitmentAs is common with many other recruitment companies, we are periodically contacted by HR managers who are seemingly doing everything right with their talent search, yet remain empty handed. They’ve written a great job advert and placed it in the right places – but to no avail. So, what’s going wrong?
It could be that their employer brand isn’t strong enough. For those who are unaware, employer branding is all about how you communicate your company’s culture, ideas and values to your candidates.
Recruitment success isn’t just about listing the duties of a vacancy in a well-presented job advert – it’s also about leaving your candidate in no doubt about what your company stands for.

Don’t underestimate the importance of employer branding

With surveys having consistently shown that candidates often choose one company over another on the basis of their brand, it’s really not an area that you should overlook. The typical jobseeker spends just seconds reading a job advert, so your messaging here needs to be powerful and distinctive.
In short, communications that are vague, impersonal, boring and dry just won’t do. Sadly though, so many employers are horrendously guilty of exactly that, not just in their job adverts, but throughout their company website, social media pages and other printed and digital communications – precisely the material that your candidates will read first.
When a candidate is reading a piece of company text like a job advert, they therefore need to quickly get a sense of what your firm is about, as well as how this will translate to their experience of working for you.

Communicate the right things to the right people

Is your company a casual, informal, T-shirt and jeans kind of place? Or maybe you would like to project more of a sense of straitlaced, dignified prestige?
If your candidate doesn’t get the right impression from what they read, it’s no wonder that your firm doesn’t get much interest from the right people.
Thankfully, there are so many ways to elevate the candidate experience through great employer branding, from infusing your social media posts with your desired brand tone of voice, to assembling an informative and fun ‘meet the team’ page on your company website.
The thing that really matters is to zoom right in on your desired company branding, and communicate it everywhere. Before long, you’ll see the benefits in the form of much more interest from infinitely more suitable candidates.

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