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It’s not just about the salary – how to become an IT employer of choice

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 5, 2012 | 1 Comment
Hand Shake (2)With the war for talent only becoming fiercer, attracting IT talent to your SME business can be a challenge.
But just because you can’t offer salary increases or other monetary benefits like large organisations, that doesn’t mean you’re any less suited to attracting high calibre candidates.
In fact, a recent survey by webrecruit, found that the 35% of IT candidates are most attracted to the prospect of career progression when looking for a new opportunity. 22% of candidates said role responsibilities attract them most when applying for an IT position.
Just 12% are attracted most by salary, 10% by the prospect of training, 9% by the company’s brand and 7% look for support with gaining qualifications. So while salaries are important to some, they are certainly not everything.
But it doesn’t stop there. A survey carried out by the Trade Union Congress revealed employees working for an SME are often more satisfied in their role and more loyal to their employer than those in a large business. So what does this mean for you?
If you’re a small to medium sized organisation looking to take on your next IT hire, here are some tips to help you convince potential talent to take a risk on your new position.

Improve your EVP.

Cultural fit within an organisation is an increasingly important factor in recruitment.
Consider the appeal factor of working for your organisation. Whilst you might not offer clearly defined career paths or structured training programmes, the opportunities to progress are no more limited than those available in larger companies.
For example, smaller businesses are typically able to offer greater influence than a bigger organisation. IT employees will have a real impact in an SME and see the results of their hard work.

Recognise your biggest asset is your employees.

Do you offer the chance to learn new skills? Do you reward employees for their hard work?
Review your company’s approach to employees and try to be more receptive to their needs. In SMEs, word of mouth referrals have become increasingly common. So if you get your culture right and your business model correct, attracting like-minded people to your business becomes a much more straight forward task.

Take care when creating your job description.

82% of IT candidates search for vacancies using keywords. Therefore, it’s important to take consideration when writing your job description and be clear and accurate on what you want.
You must also demonstrate what you’re going to offer. Highlight opportunities for making a real impact on your business. For example, will they report directly to management? If so, this means the successful applicant will learn from the top (something unlikely to occur in a larger business).

Don’t hang around waiting.

When you start to receive applications and you see someone you like, invite the candidate to interview straight away to ensure you don’t miss out on any talent.
As a small business, it’s likely you will be pressed for time so it’s worth considering resources such as automated video interviews and online skills tests to save you time and resources on the initial round of interviews.
This also shows respect for the candidate’s time and will build a good image of your company’s brand – potentially encouraging more star IT talent to apply for your positions.
Overall, recruitment is a critical, if not the most important, activity for any organisation. But by understanding the values and opportunities you can offer as a small company, attracting and hiring IT talent for your team should become a whole lot easier.
When you operate in a complex industry, you need a straight forward solution. webrecruit’s extensive database of IT professionals and ability to expose your vacancy to 100,000s of high quality active and passive candidates – fast, places us in the best position to fulfil your IT recruitment needs.
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One thought on “It’s not just about the salary – how to become an IT employer of choice

  1. David on Reply

    Personally, payment is only (at most) half the issue. I want to work somewhere I will enjoy, that I will feel part of a team and that – above all else – my contribution will be genuinely valued. A long time ago I started working at a then very small company (I was the 19th person to join it) and I loved the work and challenges of it, but over the time I worked there, I was rarely if ever thanked by middle or senior management for the effort I put in. Also, I never received paid overtime or time off in lieu for the additional hours I worked, except for once. That was what made me leave in the end.

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