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Jobseeker Behaviour with Recruitment Technology Report: Free Download

Written by Lucy Heskins | July 8, 2014 | 1 Comment
Recruitment is in the middle of a dramatic transformation, fuelled by new technology and how job seekers search and apply for their next role.
If you have recently attended a networking event on candidate attraction, you may have started to see a common theme rearing its head: mobile and technology. Or rather, mobile behaviour and how it affects the way talent interacts with your online brand and what you, as an organisation need to do to capsulate this new demand.
So, to better understand this change in behaviour, the Webrecruit team surveyed a selection of its candidate base to try and understand how they search for roles in today’s digital age. The findings – available in this report – could then be used by those professionals responsible for hiring who are interested in recruitment technology, and how it can be used to best maximise candidate traffic.
Report from Webrecruit

Interested in the report findings?

Download your free copy of Jobseeker Behaviour with Recruitment Technology to learn how you can best use online recruitment software to help fuel competitive advantage and help secure great talent.
It’s a must-read if you’re…
– Currently using recruitment tech, such as an ATS or careers site, and want to know just what effect a mobile optimised version of your software will have on applications
– Developing a direct sourcing strategy, and want to see how to capitalise on best practices to increase applications
– Looking to reduce your reliance on external agencies by utilising your own employer brand.
Download your copy today.

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  1. employmentpakistan01 on Reply

    Thank you so much for giving very useful info for job seekers. Job seeker behavior is play very important role at the time of interview. Because when the interviewer take interview at this time he watch your behavior and communication skill ant too tech. Knowledge.

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